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Installing old HDD for Data storage

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    Win 8 pro w/ media center

    Installing old HDD for Data storage

    Hey Just a quick question.
    I just built a new custom PC and i have a extra HD that has a previous version of win 8 on. I want to wipe that drive clean and just use it for data stoarage. Im concerned that if I plug that drive into a Sata port that that drive will also try to boot into the OS that it has installed and somehow might mess up my SSD hard drive (only drive).
    Can someone help me and give me the steps of what I need to do.. Thanx

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    windows 8 pro

    Buy a caddy for it.
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    Sorry I politely decline to give you the steps for a couple of reasons. I don't have any information/details on what you have and it can get pretty involved. There are a few variations and contingencies.

    But the short answer is there shouldn't be any problem installing a second drive, that is compatible. It will automatically be recognized and assigned a drive letter. To the extent that you don't give it any bootable information is normally should act similarly to any external storage device.

    Contrary to what some posters/users think about Windows 8 it is head and shoulders, run away, above Win 7 or any other previous OS. It is loaded, jam packed with information and features.

    Installing a second, third, or more hard drives has been a common practice for many years. I would suggest that you be sure to make a recovery disc before running the second HDD. Personally I would go ahead and do it. You always have the options of running system reset, restore and so on. While at it also make all recommended discs. Save flies elsewhere and have any 3rd party software available for a reinstall if necessary.

    I can't see how you could get into trouble that you couldn't easily extract yourself from.

    Good luck. Let us know how you make out.
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Installing old HDD for Data storage
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