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Galaxy S3 shows offline in bluetooth device.

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    Id love my blutooth to work it would be very handy , it worked once but thats it. tried reinstalling drivers but no joy it always shows phone as offline
    Hey, I found the solution to my problem in Windows 8. Actually the culprit was Ccleaner. I had blocked the start up operation thru ccleaner and that was not allowing the Bluetooth to get connected.

    Even if you don't have ccleaner installed you can check start up operation by opening the 'Search' from Charms and entering 'msconfig' and in the windows click on 'start up' and there see if 'BTtray' and 'btvStack' are running. They both are for Bluetooth connectivity.

    Moreover, please note in windows 8 the paired devices (thru Bluetooth) show offline if there is no file transfer taking place. As soon as you start transferring the files it turns online automatically. A bit puzzling though but new things attract bugs
    Aman,u def dont use windows 8 at all,if u did,u should know that in windows 8 if u look into start up in that msconfig will not show u anything but a message to get into task manager and start up,so dont try to help about windows 8 when u surely use windows 7 still

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    Quote Originally Posted by archie123 View Post
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    Hi there
    Why on earth people use these products like Ccleaner which mess around with the OS I can never understand. It's a miracle at all that devices still work after all the messing around some of these programs do to the registry and OS.

    If you like installing / uninstalling loads of stuff regularly - just backup the OS regularly and restore it again if the software doesn't work. Keep OS on a separate disk / partition so an complete OS image backup shouldn't take more than around 10 - 15 mins - especially if you have it installed on an SSD.

    Because ccleaner is an easy way to disable startup programs , which in my opinion is essential (if you know what your doing). Time and time again i have repaired ailing and slow systems simply by disabling the myriad of items people have in starting up with windows , only yesterday i disabled an AOL help tray a friends wife had running (along with countless other pointless processes) , they stopped using AOL as their ISP four years ago. Learning how to and when to disable startup items both in the startup folder and services folder is imo essential to keeping any system running smoothly , Brink has put up a rather usefull tuturiol on here for doing it via windows and ccleaner and i think everyone should read it.

    Registry cleaners imo are pointless and some more aggressive ones can cause more issues but as for the rest of the options in ccleaner are brilliant (i will say though the reg cleaner in ccleaner is perfectly safe
    i agree with jimbo,those kinda programs are useless and do more damage than good,why should u use ccleaner when u dont need it in windows 8,for the : i will say though the reg cleaner in ccleaner is perfectly safe...its the most stupid thing to say,there is no program that is safe,nor windows itself its safe and all that when u have no idea what u doin and whats all the stuff in there,r many that have a pc in their home but all they know is to power it on and use the programs or play on them,but thats all,so dont make mistakes sayin its something safe with registry of windows...
    and ofc u can look out in internet,which is very vast,about all this crapy programs like ccleaner and ull see that r not recomended at all for no1 for been programs that do more damage than good...
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    Actually, Aman was right. However what fixed my problem wasn't Cc cleaner removal. I had Spybot Search and Destroy installed. And under task manager "go to service" Bluetooth stack com server service was replaced with Spybot search and destroys service. I uninstalled Spybot Search and destroy thru control panel in Windows 8. Then reinstalled the Bluetooth drivers. Was on the phone all day with Samsung also gave them the updated scoop what was causing the offline Bluetooth issue Galaxy s3/ windows 8

    Samsung Ativ 500 t / Galaxy S3

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    A couple of people have noted CCleaner for disabling startup items, you may also use the tools from Microsoft SysInternals, in the package there is an app named "autoruns.exe" - run it as administrator and you can control pretty much anything. Drivers, windows explorer add ons, codecs, services you name it.

    BE CAREFUL - the SysInternals suite is intended for developers and pro's at getting in to the real inner workings of your computer.

    Google SysInternals or look here Sysinternals Suite

    I am also having issues - i get a unrecognised device showing up in device manager - one of the bluetooth services has no driver -
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Galaxy S3 shows offline in bluetooth device.
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