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My new keyboard

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    wetibbe, let's not post anymore separate threads for the same thing shall we.

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    Actually I think this Thread is Awesome
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    Sorry friends.

    Didn't intend to sound so mysterious. We had a big snow storm here yesterday and all night. Set me back a bit.

    By way of explanation I'm now moving into the Windows 8 way of dealing with photographs. I have an HP digital camera and use it with an SD card. The card is then plugged into the computer and the photos imported. Win 8 is a little different from Win 7, however, the photos are immediately stored in the Pictures library.

    In order to post photos on the Internet, they had to be uploaded into an on line photo hosting website such as Snapfish or Photobucket then copied and pasted into the post. In this case with the Logitech keyboard when I pasted it showed some lack of definition and clarity probably because I have some of those new spiral florescent light bulbs. Further, when the photo is pasted in, in edit, it appears with little "boxes/handles" that can be grabbed and dragged enlarging the photo. That doesn't work for me here as yet.

    In order to accomplish these moves it is necessary to actually post the photo. So as not to muck up the forum I initially posted down in the last section here at the bottom, hoping it would be out of the way.

    I'm still working on things and developing. My regular keyboard in the photo is a Logitech programmable wireless. And wireless mouse. The smaller, just acquired, Logitech seen in the photo is basically for laptops but I'm using it on my new HP 20 All in One computer. It has a touchpad on the right side so anyone who bought a computer that didn't have a touch screen monitor can add this feature. Further there is also a touch pad available without the keyboard. It's said to be for people watching TV on the laptop, in an easy chair.

    When I plugged the second transmitter into a USB port the computer told me that wasn't necessary and recommended removing one, so I did. I'm now running two keyboards and a mouse on only one. It is actually smaller than the fingernail on my little finger. Four of these would fit on a postage stamp!

    The monitor seen is actually also the computer. It isn't a desk top tower. The computer is built into the monitor. It frees up a lot of space. When I went wireless I got rid of mouse and keyboard cables. It also has a "webcam" built in *( seen at the top middle ). That little dot. The HP 20 All in One was selling for $499.95. Staples had it on sale for US $449.95. Two days ago their price was US$419.

    The little silver case, middle left is an HP 500 GB pocket Media external hard drive. I back up there.

    On the left an HP Officejet Pro 8600 All in One printer with print/fax/scan/copy/web. It has SD card slots to print photos directly.

    Just to the right of the monitor is a Netgear WNDR3400 wireless router. And to the right of that a Motorola modem, both gifts from my cable company.

    In the lower left foreground an automotive Garmin GPS. I'm downloading free for lifetime current maps from Garmin's website using a plug in USB cable.
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    New Photo

    Same problem, can't resize.
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    The method in the tutorial below to upload and attach the image should work better.

    Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums
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    Thanks. Sadly it won't work for me. But I'll keep trying.

    I have never been able to post photos without first uploading to a host photo website.

    I have only once been able to get the "handles" to work and that was on our local newspaper website forums. Their older forums wouldn't let it work. But they upgraded and then it did. It seems to be in the website capacities.

    Greatly appreciate the help and patience.

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    That's only 30 centimeters. Long Island got 85 centimeters. Automobiles by the hundreds stranded. Motorists rescued by snowmobile. 600,000 without power.

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    I note that you edited and removed the broken link.

    That apparent misstep is a result of an improper place to copy the photo.

    Snapfish, I think, is Hewlett Packard's website. It has changed over the past couple of years. In Win 7 it was more complicated but in Win 8 it is easier and more simple. Nonetheless it takes some attentive studying.

    I don't pass out disingenuous compliments, nor patronize, however, I really like your dedication to running a clean, proper site and to vigorously getting rid of the clutter.
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    Folks, just testing procedures:

    Click image for larger version

    The Windows 8 How to Upload and Post a Screenshot and File in Eight Forum isn't working for me. One reason, I think, is because the photos I am working with are too large. The maximum size jpg listed in the instructions is 2.00 MB. Mine are over.

    I import my photos from camera to the Snapfish photo hosting website. Then copy and paste into the forum thread. Initially they were too small. The Win 8 Paint (mspaint.exe ) feature allows me to resize but there isn't any way to copy there. *( It's blank, actually legible but dull and gray. These "blank" pop up screens are a problem still not resolved ).

    I did find a feature in Snapfish that allows the photo to be shown larger. But it isn't zoomable, only one size larger. Fortunately it's just right for posting in the forum.

    When/if a photo is pasted in, it takes up all space and text can't be added. However, typing text BEFORE pasting the photo does allow typing.

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My new keyboard
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