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    Quote Originally Posted by akki View Post
    Tnx for answer,...

    I decided to return it today anyway. Not sure but i am not completely satisfied with it. Maybe i expected too much or something unavailable - lol.
    what do you not like about it, and also how much is the kit to connect a regular usb device to it?

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    Buy an OTG to USB adapter ($4.99 at Fry's). Then you can connect most any USB device to your VivoTab. I've used it with USB hubs, HD Webcams and even USB audio headsets and it works just like any other USB port.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickeylittle View Post
    I figured I would go ahead and post a link to the Centrafuse Localizer product since it does come with a "trial" download...

    Centrafuse Inc. - Centrafuse Localizer
    I tried installing it. There was two to install, I installed both. Installed but every time I open the program, I get an error
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    i purchased the tablet yesterday and so far i actually like it
    I installed office 2013 pro on it and when opening it hardly hesitates
    the same with all the other programs i installed
    I really worked this thing this morning and the battery is half down, between all the updates (44) and asus updates

    Some people had problems with this tablet but I did a lot of research on it and found the do's and don'ts

    Here is some advice I found that I will pass to any of you that want to purchase it:

    1. Once you purchase it, get a cover for it because it is a bit slippery (I got mine at for $15
    2. It only comes with a 3 ft charge cable and charger- so I purchased a 6ft and 10ft from amazon for $5.99 (it was a special)
    3. I also purchased there a mini usb OTG-USB cable so I could hook up a flash drive or mouse if I wanted
    4. Amazon's screen savers were less money then Best buy and you need one because fingerprints are all over it and it also protects it.
    5. It comes with a mini hdmi port so you can also purchase a mini hdmi port to HDMI

    6. Once you open it- Asus says to charge it fully for 8 hours prior to using it on battery. I did this but i also started to do some stuff while it was charging.

    7. Once you set it up, first do the Asus Live Updater, which updates the asus software and bios. (I found out by surfing if you do this first you will have less headaches.)
    8. Now do the MS Security Updates- there are 44 of them including net framework updates, I did them 3 at a time so there would be no conflicts. Yes it took about an hour to do them all but I got them all loaded with no problems.

    8. I played with this tablet in the store against the Surface Pro with gestures (but I will be able to later this week give you my review on the surface pro (and the difference in the "feel of the tablet' because Microsoft is loaning me one for all my seminars this year so I have it on loan for 6mths before i have to return it) prior to purchasing it to see what I other than the configuration differences there was. Mostly the touch. I like the way the Asus moves back and forth, it is a bit to get the Charms bar to stick out but i had the same problem with the surface pro and that is 2x the amount of the Asus
    I do like this keyboard, it is set up like an actual keyboard and you can make it wider from left to right or smaller.
    Wireless set up took a blink of an eye
    Once it set up it found without me even asking it, all my 3 wireless printers and installed drivers for them

    I have a Zagg Bluetooth Keyboard for my ipad and it found that again without even blinking
    The case I bought stands up so i can put the keyboard in front of the Asus in that position and type if i need to, but since the keyboard is way cool I doubt if I really will use it unless I am typing serious letters on it
    I Installed Office 2013 Pro on it, took about 5minutes to install and opens just fine even with the 2gigs of memory that is on it
    Unfortunely and this is with all tablets I have researched, when they say 64 gigs HD, you do not get that. Prior to installing all the security updates there was 34 gigs of storage available, which to me is not fair since if they say 64 gigs then you should get at least 55 gigs left to use. After the security updates and installing Office 2013, ccleaner, dropbox, windows live mail, I
    have 26.4 gigs left.

    If you are planing to seriously use and put lots of programs on then I suggest to get the one that has 128 gigs

    On my ipad 2 just to give you a comparison, it is 16gigs and I have a whole lot of apps on that one and I have 7 gigs left.
    But it started with 13gigs out of the box.

    The mini port for the charge takes a bit to plug in, the angle is a bit wierd but it does go in.
    I have a Targus Styler that I bought for my husband ($10) for his Ipad that he never uses and I really like using it on the Asus.

    It gets a bit hot on the back of it but then again I was putting it through the mill, (so does my ipad that is why it is also in a case)
    It is a little bit bigger than the ipad (my extra ipad case will not fit it)

    It stays charged on battery for 8.5 hours but because I was really using it with installs, the battery went down to 35% in 4 hours
    I have to wait till I get everything for now on it then sees if it lasts (then I will let you know)

    It has a GPS but i am not using this tablet for navigating but it is there
    It comes with a small Userguide on using the tablet and also a user manual where everything is on the tablet.
    It comes with a cleaning cloth, which you will definetly need until you get a screen saver
    It comes with a 3 ft (that one is bad because it is too short but again you can purchase a longer one) mini USB cable and charger
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    So the surface pro came today, interesting, it is a lot heavier then I imagined 2 x heavier then the iPad. I would have liked it a bit lighter. It is basically a small laptop
    The charger cord is nice and long like a laptop. The stylish it comes with Is proprietary to the surface, you cannot use it on any other tablet
    The cover/ keyboard is neat. Pops in pops out very smoothly
    Moving the apps is a bit tight. It is actually easier with the asus
    I like the asus touch keyboard better
    The surface pro is suppose to have 128 gigs
    It says 80.5 gigs with 40 gigs left
    There really is not much ON it besides what was loaded, oh and office 365'is on it
    Of course it is the pro version vs windows 8 on the asus so it is going to have more stuff inside the hood
    If I did not purchase a laptop 6 mths ago I would have considered the pro,
    It has a full USB port which is a good thing and a mini port for a projector, that I will test tomorrow since I got the cable for it also
    Again I have this on loan with Microsoft for 6 months, I am actually going to their store on Wednesday to meet with the head manager and go over a few things and to learn a few things that the stylus can do that I am not aware,of
    I will keep you posted as I use it
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    Thanks for the updates Robin. I returned my ThinkPad 2 and made a final decision to go with the Ativ 500t. I had tried one but had problems with the keyboard dock being hard to engage. But with the 10.1 on the ThinkPad I sure got to missing the 11.6 screen on the Ativ. So I'm happy now!
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    I am Woman! Hear Me Roar!
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    Good for you Mickey, I am glad you are finally happy
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    I used the following: OTG Cable (a must have for tablet users) and a wireless USB mouse. I suppose any wired USB mouse should work, but I only had a wireless handy. Plug the USB mouse into the OTG cable, and the tablet should power it up enough to do this without draining your charge very much.

    I too have a ASUS Vivotab tablet (which I upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1).

    About 2 month's after the update, I ran into an issue with the touch screen not working. If I turned the tablet on, wherever I touched the screen, I would see a very faint touch mark about 4 or 5 inches from where my finger was. If I moved my finger left, the line would go right, and vice versa. To fix this, I hooked up a USB mouse, and did the following:
    1. Control Panel
    2. Tablet PC Settings
    3. On the DISPLAY tab, I clicked RESET
    4. OK
    5. OK

    It worked for me. I just wanted to pass this on, in hopes it might help someone else.
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    Windows 8.1

    Im having a problem with this same tablet.
    after windows 8.1 update it made every windows update and the keyboard got small

    already did refresh pc / reset (like new)
    after the updates it got small again im getting no help

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger version
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Asus Vivo Tab Smart
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