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The Black Screen

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    The Black Screen

    I have searched the Forums, but couldn't find a proper fix, so I thought I'd start my own thread.

    After installing the Consumer Preview back in March of 2012, I was slowly getting used to the change from Vista to Windows 8. Upon hearing that the upgrade from CP to the official 8 was at such a low price, I went for it. When Windows 8 works, it works great.

    Installing W8 was not a hassle, but the problem that occurs now, is.

    First thing I do is go install the latest nVidia drivers. It prompts me to restart, so I do. This led me to a flickering black screen that appeared after the Windows Logo. I can't get to the lockscreen (or so it seems), so I was basically stuck. I did a safe-mode boot and removed the updated driver.

    I thought, maybe it's a bug that occurs with this version of Windows 8? So I use Windows Update to install A LOT of updates, hoping that it would fix the problem. Nope. Instead, I had to do my previous fix and roll back the driver. Again, this temporarily fixed my problem.

    I can't install a proper nVidia driver without it having this problem. If it helps, I have a nVidia GTX 460 SE.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yeah I got the same problem, you can try this maybe it will work for you..

    After installing the R310 driver on Windows 8, the subsequent reboot results in a black or
    flickering screen.

    Root Cause
    This occurs because Windows Update performed a background installation of a Release
    304 driver, which requires a reboot to complete the installation. After installing the
    Release 310 driver and then rebooting the system, installation of both the Release 304 as
    well as the Release 310 is completed, resulting in conflicting driver binaries and the black/
    flickering screen.

    Workaround - Prevention
    To avoid the issue, reboot the system before installing the Release 310 driver.
    Alternately, you can check the driver status under the Device Manager and perform the
    reboot if the Device Manager indicates that a restart is needed. Then install the driver.

    Workaround - Recovery
    If you did not perform the necessary reboot prior to installing the driver and now
    encounter the black screen, do the following:
    1 Reboot in Safe Mode.
    2 Uninstall the driver.
    3 Disconnect from the internet and then restrt the system.
    4 In normal mode, install the new driver.
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The Black Screen
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