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Why are so many of my Western Digital HDD's expiring?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tepid View Post
    Brown outs, power surges, sudden fluctuations in power that cause the hard drive to power off and right back on again.
    Heat, over use, weak parts, slightly damaged parts or parts that simply degrade for any reason over a period of time.
    All of those power issues can be better handled with a UPS. If you currently don't have one on your computer, I would HIGHLY suggest getting one. I think Tepid is very spot on with those observations about power.

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    Yeah, I did fail to mention that, and highly recommend them myself, I have one, but it's old, really old. I need to replace it or the battery, but, probably just get a new one. However, I think it does still do some protecting.

    However, please note to all, this doesn't mean you won't have a HDD that never fails, just a better protected one.

    And, keep in mind that surge protectors are nice, but they only protect against Surges. Battery Backups are completely different.
    Now that they are more available to the consumer market, Look for a high quality one, don't skimp on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobkn View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by MrShowdown View Post
    I have never seen any HDD failing in my entire life!
    Short life, I'd say.

    Used an external SCSI 45MB (that megabytes) drive on a couple of different Macs back in the mid 1980s. It died after starting to make the cricket noises.

    Killed a 750GB Seagate in an external enclosure by dropping it a couple of feet (60cm) while it was spun up.

    Other drives have failed at random times, infant mortality to years of constant use.

    Saw someone receive some IBM drives with glass platters. He had ordered 4 of them for a RAID setup. Two were dead due to poor packaging for shipment. Seemed to be more fragile than the aluminum disks.
    That's a nice example of failures but why did you killed one? I don't get it... Experiment?

    Glass platters! Man, never had one of those.
    The platters of normal HDDs are not aluminium: I keep more than 20 around from old scavenged HDDs and can say they do good mirrors but are a bit heavier than aluminium and stronger.
    I'd say they are titanium alloy or something else with inoxidable properties.

    I use the metals of the older HDDs in repairing stuff. The magnets are neodymium types: expensive.

    In the end, only very old disks died here, ones with up to 4GB size, the other ones still run.

    Disks fail more rapidly to people who use them badly (or kill them) and to those who use them 24/7 but that is an expected fair deal.
    But some disks are worse made than others so this is also a failing factor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    I don't think that is WD specific. Maybe it is due to your particular environment (heat, dust, etc.). I just had an external Seagate fail. But that was the first time any of my appr. 20 disks failed.
    Hi there
    some of these "External Disk failures" can be repaired quite easily. Often it's not the HDD at all but connector / power supply. In particular the USB connection can become defective so the Disk appears as if it's defective.

    Open the case - often it's just a standard SATA disk attached to internal power supply via standard power connector and a USB connector via a small piece of electronics.

    Remove the Disk -- you can then simple mount this back into a standard Mobo as an internal drive as a SATA disk or buy a new enclosure. There are plenty of powered SATA==>USB enclosures for HDD's.

    I've done the reverse after I "retired" an old desktop PC -- It had 2X 1 TB drives which I now use as external USB3 drives -- USB3 is fast too !!!.

    I've seen a few of these external HDD failures (powered disks not the small "passport" types) that have worked perfectly again when repaired like I've said.
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    I share your concerns -- as I had the very same experience. I have been using PCs for a LONG time and, in most of that time, used WD drives. Generally found them to be reliable.

    Then, last year, I had three different WD drives all fail within a few months. One was only a few months old!

    Something happened in recent times to cut the quality of WD drives, because while I certainly have seen other brands fail, I've not seen so many of one brand fail within such a short time frame.

    So now, I avoid WD drives and buy only other brands. But, as they say, your experience may vary.
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    I buy a lot of hard drives and I strongly prefer WD drives. I keep them as cool as I can and I haven't noticed any more failures than usual with them. I have noticed that the Seagate SATA hard drives have a tendency to break off the plastic tab at the SATA data connection. This has happened to 3 Seagate drives recently and I've never seen it happen with other brands...
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Why are so many of my Western Digital HDD's expiring?
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