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Asus S400CA 24GB SSD used or not? How to know

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    Asus S400CA 24GB SSD used or not? How to know

    I have ASUS S400CA-UH51T which has 24GB SSD. I want to know how to confirm that is used or not? In BIOS I see only AHCI, not any RAID etc. Can we know in windows 8 by some program?

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    I'm not sure what you mean. If that's the only disk in your computer, what else could it be using?
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    Sorry for not being clear. I have two drives. One is 500GB HDD and other one is SSD Sandisk U100 24GB. How to know whether SSd is being used as cache or not? If not how to cache in ssd?
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    If you want to know weather or not a SSD drive has been used or not (in which case it is brand new) you must read out the SMART data of the drive.

    That will tell you things like:
    * how many times has this SSD been booted
    * how many hours has this SSD been running
    * etc.

    If those indicators are more than a few times and hours you know it is a used SSD.

    You can read out the SMART data using the maintenance program from the manufacturer.

    Good luck with it!
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    According to the specifications, it's listed as a cache drive.

    So what is a cache drive? - Its a new technology called expresscache developed by Condusiv Technology.
    Basically the system will automatically choose when to use the SSD part and improve the system speed as a whole.
    This technology is different from hybrid where the SSD and conventional harddisk is separately.

    I found it here... has a nice video. Curious about SSD + HDD -
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    I found this as well...good explanation.

    Cache Drives Give Your PC a Cheap SSD Boost | PCWorld
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    Dear Der Snoober,
    I don't find any maintenance program in my laptop.
    Dear bassfisher6522
    I have gone through both links and saw video also. It did not give any solutions to me.
    My HDD details are as follows
    Model: ATA ST500LT012-9WS14 (scsi)
    Disk /dev/sda: 500GB
    Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B
    Partition Table: gpt
    Disk Flags:

    Number Start End Size File system Name Flags Label
    1 1049kB 316MB 315MB fat32 EFI system partition boot SYSTEM
    2 316MB 945MB 629MB ntfs Basic data partition hidden, diag Recovery
    3 945MB 1079MB 134MB Microsoft reserved partition msftres
    4 1079MB 108GB 107GB ntfs Basic data partition Windows
    5 108GB 194GB 85.9GB ntfs Basic data partition Data
    6 194GB 280GB 85.9GB ntfs Basic data partition Audio
    7 280GB 479GB 198GB ntfs Basic data partition PhotosVideos
    8 479GB 500GB 21.5GB ntfs Basic data partition hidden, diag Restore
    My SSD details are as follows
    Model: ATA SanDisk SSD U100 (scsi)
    Disk /dev/sdb: 24.0GB
    Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
    Partition Table: gpt
    Disk Flags:

    Number Start End Size File system Name Flags Label
    2 1049kB 4296MB 4295MB fat32 EFI system partition hidden INTELRST
    1 4297MB 24.0GB 19.7GB HFS

    I have seen a reply by intel in similar situation as said in
    Unable to configure SSD cache on new Lenovo Y500
    In this, it is said
    "SSD cache or acceleration does not work under AHCI. If you like to enable this feature the computer requires RAID mode. If your computer model does not support RAID then, SSD cache is not supported."
    In BIOS, only AHCI or IDE mode is available. Hence the doubt whether SSD cache is used or not?
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    I know this post is really old but I hope someone can help me out. I recently bought an Asus VivoBook S400ca and have the 500 gb hdd and 24 gb ssd. The thing is that I did a clean install of Windows 8 Pro and deleted all the partitions that were in the SSD and HDD, at that time i didn't know that the 24 gb ssd was used as cache. Now, I want to install the Intel start technology but I think I need to set in the BIOS the SATA Mode to RAID and the only options I have are AHCI and IDE, so my question is.. how do I manage the ssd to be used as cache again?. Please help, I've been trying to figure this out all day but I just can't.
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    Hi Hermes and welcome to Eight Forums,

    Have you tried contacting ASUS about this?
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    hi Hemes to check if your express cache is working like it should open a elevated command prompt and run eccmd -info and see if it gives you information on the cache partition its using and how its using. i have a y510p that uses the same software and if yours is not working i can explain how to make it work you can normally tell if its working since with out it windows takes forever to boot.
    best regards
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Asus S400CA 24GB SSD used or not? How to know
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