Hi guys.

Sorry to "open" this thread again! But I am having severe issues with getting this Hybrid SSD to work! Please help me! I have spent countless hours to try to figure this out, must have formated and installed Windows 5-6times!

Ok, first of all info/what I want:
  • Computer: Asus S400C (Notebooks & Ultrabooks - ASUS VivoBook S400CA)
  • I want to install Windows 7 ! (I do not like Win8, and have heard from other users that Win7 on this computer works perfectly.
  • SSD as cache disk + fast boot: On previous installs, Win7 works like a charm, BUT I cannot get the SSD to work as a cache disk!

Here is what I have done, I have followed Beblessed's Guide:

  1. I Created a UEFI bootable USB drive to load Windows 7!!! with. Done with Rufus.
    1. UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

  2. Started Windows 7 install.
  3. Then I wiped the 500GB drive of all partitions during Windows 7 install.
  4. Installed Win7 to the 500GB SATA disk!
  5. Installed ASUS drivers with ASUS Install Tool(from c:\eSupport\eDriver\AsInsWiz.exe). I installed the following software from it's list: Note: The Asus install tool does not work with win7, so I manually installed the drivers needed.
    1. All drivers
    2. LifeFrame
    3. Power4Gear
    4. USB Charger Plus
    5. Splendid
    6. Win flash
    7. Smart Gesture
    8. ASUS Live Update

  6. Run ASUS Live Update Note: Did not work on Win7
    1. An icon appears in the system tray on the desktop. Click it and install critical updates.
    2. re-run after reboots until all updates install.

  7. Updated Windows to 8.1
  8. Followed process to install ExpressCache
    1. HOWTO: Configure a large (> 32GB) SSD to work with ExpressCache
    2. In the step to setup the drive I used the whole 24GB drive. NOTE:You may want to leave some for the Intel Rapid Start as mentioned in the second post of the thread. YMMV
      1. To use the whole drive: "create partition primary" without setting "size"

    3. To install ExpressCache use C:\eSupport\eDriver\Software\Others\other\ExpressCache\Win8_64_1.0.86\Setup_x64.exe not the version from Lenovo.
    4. I followed the suggestion to preload Windows with the "eccmd -preload ." command and my development suite.
    5. rebooted for good measure

Can anyone please help me ????

Regards, Jorgen.