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UEFI Mode keeping my USB from being seen to boot from

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    Unified Extensible Firmware Interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The original motivation for EFI came during early development of the first Intel–HP Itanium systems in the mid-1990s

    uEFI/bios firmware has been around a long time.

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    theog, you make this point because I said it was still early in this game I assume.. you see fit to point out the err of my ways... Well I'm right. We are both right. UEFI has been around a while but it's still new enough that it's not used by everyone.. in fact not used by most Pc users. I of course came across this info in my studies. I do appreciate your challenging me to keep up with the issues though.

    I liken it to XP 64 bit. Sure, it worked back then but there were no 64 bit apps for it hardly and the implementation was buggy. I'm sure many folks here remember that. I even tried it. Or Electricity.. been around since the dawn of time yet it wasn't made practical until a couple of guys named Tesla and Edison figured out how to tame it.This is just how it happens with just about everything. New tech is always slow to catch on and grow.
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    I have to mention now that It may be just an issue dealing with my HP computer Because, Microsoft requires that all non ARM systems have the ability to turn Secure Boot off, which is why I cant see my USB in UEFI mode. This is a requirement of Microsoft's Hardware Certification Requirements for server and client computers. My system refuses to work properly it seems. I cannot disable Secure Boot while leaving UEFI working. The instructions for disabling Secure Boot while continuing to operate in UEFI mode are here: Secure Boot - Enable or Disable in UEFI

    I have contacted HP about this issue. ( HP is known for not giving full access to bios settings) More Info on Secure Boot as it pertains to Microsoft's Hardware Requirements can be found here: If I buy a computer with Windows 8 and Secure Boot, will I still be able to install Linux? - Super User And Here: Windows Hardware Certification Requirements for Client and Server Systems See sections 14, 17 and 18.
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UEFI Mode keeping my USB from being seen to boot from
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