Hello one and all,

I've bought a new Toshiba Laptop Satellite L855 with Windows 8 pre-installed.

I'm pretty sure my issue is related to Windows 8 as I have never experienced anything like this before on the hundreds of computers that I have used.

I navigate around my programs (or apps - whatever they are called now-a-days) using Alt - Tab an awful lot.

My problem is that whenever I change applications via Alt - Tab there is a momentary lag for around a second where the mouse just doesn't respond. If I switch between programs using the mouse (or sensepad) then there is no lag - it is smooth.

As a separate, but very similar issue, when I am click and dragging using the sensepad it also sometimes loses it's connection and drops whatever I am dragging.

I have the latest driver for the sensepad... downloaded from Toshiba. A bit stumped as to what else I can try...

Any help is appreciated as it's driving me potty!