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motherboard driver disk

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    motherboard driver disk

    Windows 8 does not seem to need any of the drivers on my motherboard driver disk,not even USB3 drivers. Does windows detect everything?

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    For most older motherboards, yes, but not all motherboards.
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    Determine EXACTLY what motherboard you have, including the Revision, then visit the mfg's website and download the drivers for it. If Win8 has the most recent version installed, it will squawk when you try to install drivers, so you'll know to leave it alone.
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    When I tried the disk which came with my Asrock mb which is 2 years old, only the pdf of the manual loaded. The latest chipset drivers for AMD loaded sucessfully on the Asrock and also on an Asus, both running W8. The only slight change was the Asus cpu W E I increased by 0.1.
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    Always go to the motherboard mfg's website as they will have the most recent drivers there. Check the BIOS to see if you're running the most recent version also.
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    I'm working on an HP workstation right now and it's an HPxw4300 and the board is Rev 1.06. The revision info is very important as that determines what you can do to upgrade the system...
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    Hi there
    Actually 99% of the time YES -- rarely are there better drivers -- sometimes for Printers the manufacturers disk might be better - but usually those come with huge application programs and monitors when I just want the basic printer driver so I rely on Windows unless there are features that Windows doesn't provide.

    For custom built computers with specialized graphic cards / weird express PCI hardware / some type of USB3 cards then you'll be better off with drivers from the disk.

    For typical laptops and "Bog standard" type mobos with built in graphics and using typical processors and chipsets Windows will do just fine.

    Any drivers it has trouble with - you will probably see by going into the device manager -- any device with a question mark on it will need the manufacturers driver.

    (I had a sony dual card reader slot on a sony VAIO laptop which W7 x-64 never worked with and even the Sony drivers didn't seem to work either - W8 loaded straight out of the box - card reader was dual SD and Sony Duo stick. Reader worked after first W8 boot - BOTH slots. I don't use this laptop anymore -- too big and heavy these days but was a good 17 inch one -- but too cumbersome for travelling these days. I use at home as a test laptop and take my much smaller 11.6 inch Acer on my travels. W8 had NO problem getting all driver for this too).

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motherboard driver disk
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