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My mouse hates power down

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    My mouse hates power down

    When I reboot my system after removing power to the motherboard, the mouse and keyboard do not work. My mbo is an ASUS P7H55. Although the mbo may be part of the problem, I think Windows 8 may be implicated too.

    I'm using a clean newly installed Windows 8 system. I can reboot with no mouse problems until I power off the mbo. Then when Windows 8 comes up, the mouse is inactive. The mouse and keyboard are OK when used in the BIOS. I'm using a USB mouse, but a PS2 one exhibits the same behaviour. Also, when I have a non-working mouse in Windows, neither the dvd drive nor a USB flash drive will boot.

    Once I've powered off, the mouse never works however many times I reboot. However, if I restore the Windows 8 image from a backup, the mouse is OK again until I next power off. This is why I think Windows 8 is part of the problem.

    When I replace the system with Windows 7, there are no problems at all.

    Even if there is a motherboard compatibility issue with Windows 8, something appears to happening in Windows 8, because restoring the system fixes the problem until the next power off.

    Any idea what could be causing this? How can I investigate what's happened to Windows when the mouse stops working correctly?

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    Win 7

    My problems are sort of similar. I have an Asus M4A88TD-M EVO (AMD Phenon x6) and Win 8 installs up to the first Personalise screen (where you choose the background colour) but I seem to have no power to any USB ports. Nothing I plug into them works including mouse and keyboard. I also tried using the mouse & keyboard in the PS2 port with an adapter but nothing.

    So I'm sort of stuck, when I reboot Windows 7 is restored. Next step is a new mobo.

    I've read about various problems with installation on AMD boards, maybe this is related?
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    I thought my problem was not usb related, because I can't use a ps2 mouse in the mbo ps2 port either. On the other hand, if the usb ports are not operational it would explain why I can't boot the dvd either when the mouse go wrong - my dvd drive is a usb one. I'm not sure how to check if the usb ports are ok when the problem occurs, because without a mouse or a keyboard it's a bit difficult to do anything.

    Have you tried booting in safe mode? I've discovered mbo power off is OK if I've set the system to boot in safe mode when I power up.

    BTW my processor is INTEL, not AMD
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My mouse hates power down
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