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Installing Ram

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    Installing Ram

    I have an HP P7 1414 with windows 8 64bit with 6gb of ram. It has 4 slots for memory and the sticks are in the first and third slot. I purchased 2 sticks of 8gb each, same speed as the ram that came with the computer and I installed it in the 2nd and forth slots but my computer won't boot up. I'm I installing it in the right order?

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    Here is your system spec:
    HP Pavilion p7-1400 Desktop PC series*-* HP Pavilion p7-1414 Desktop PC Product Specifications - c03499587 - HP Business Support Center

    RAM stick usually comes as 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB... and your system has 6GB, that means they must have put a 2GB & a 4GB stick, it's kind of odd configuration.

    Any way, are the 2 sticks you bought the same brand as the 2's you have in your system ? If not, even the spec says it's the same speed but sometimes they don't mix with different brands due to different timings. In addition you need to look in documentation to see if the brand you bought are compatible with your MB

    1 - What you could try is to take out the sticks you have in slot 1 & 3 and put the 2's you bought in slot 1 & 3 = 16GB then try to boot up to see if it works.

    2 - If step 1 works, put the rest in slot 2 & 4 to see how it goes. If it does not work then you'll have memory incompatibility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by topgundcp View Post
    RAM stick usually comes as 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB... and your system has 6GB, that means they must have put a 2GB & a 4GB stick, it's kind of odd configuration.
    It is odd, but HP does this. We just bought some HP all-in-ones at my office and they had 6GB of RAM and it's a 4GB and 2GB stick.

    Will your computer boot with just the new sticks installed in slots 1 and 3? Gotta make sure that you don't have a dead RAM stick first.
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    My computer works with the new sticks in slot 1 and 3 but when I add the 4GB in slot 2 and 2GB in slot 4 the computer doesn't bootup.
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    topgundcp give good advice, try what he recommended!
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    Oops, I see you did what he recommended and it worked. So, the RAM you bought will not work with the old RAM you had... Pretty common as the RAM types have to be exactly the same, including speed rating, and sometimes chip density...
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    Maybe what's happening here, assuming that you did match the speeds and types right, is that the system with 4+2 is running in single channel mode for 6GB since the memory capacities of the channels don't match. The motherboard is probably designed to run single channel asymmetrical mode if the modules in a bank don't match, but dual channel if they match. With two 8's added in, it might not no how to handle it (e.g., 4/8/2/8, which would be a bit of a jumble banks versus channels).

    If you just put in your 8+8 in slots 0 and 2, it will run dual channel mode for 16GB.

    So you could replace the 2 with another new 4GB module and run 8/4/8/4. That will give you 24GB dual channel mode (I think) since you'd be running an 8+4 in each channel (each channel consisting of two slots, low slot in one color, high slot in the other).

    Or for kicks maybe try 4/8/8/blank and see if that gives you 20GB in single channel asymmetric mode.
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    When installing RAM into your PC, The rule of thumb is:
    1. Always use the same Model number from the same brand.
    2. Use matched pair in each bank

    Different manufacturers produce their memory modules with different timings. Let us take a look at 2 different brands: CORSAIR CMSO16GX3M2A1600C11 & G.SKILL F3-1600C9D-16GSR. They are both in the $80 range, 16GB and rated the same speed DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) but yet different timings: 11-11-11-28 (CAS-tRCD-tRAS-tRP) & 9-9-9-24 (CAS-tRCD-tRAS-tRP).
    When mixing these 2's, it may be OK under normal operation but if you use applications that have intensive Read/Write operations then you will run into problem with timings out of sync and what do you get ? BSOD even memory test shows there's nothing wrong with them.
    In addition, The G-Skill memory module is only compatible with certain MB's so it is also important to look in the MB documentation for compatibility.

    Here's an article on Memory Timing: Memory Timings Explained | techPowerUp
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    What topgundcp said! Seriously, check your motherboard documentation as that is the definitive source for CPU, RAM and settings for your board,. Be sure you're looking at the correct Rev, too as many boards have multiple revisions. Good luck!
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    First, what you need to know is what is the maximum RAM your system can hold. If inserting the 2x8GB works and adding more doesn't work, maybe the maximum it can hold is only 16GB. Which means 4slots x 4GB sticks. Your manual should tell you the maximum RAM you can install.

    Or use the Crucial System scanner (here) to find out about your RAM configurations. This is a basic application for those who are in the dark about these things. It will also give you recommendations what sticks to get.
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Installing Ram
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