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Win 8 - four core vs. 6 core processors

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    windows 8 pro x64

    I use my Q9300 cpu at 3 ghz with windows 8. I don't need any cpu upgrade at the moment. I am not a gamer though.

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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Pretty much all AMD processors are easy overclockers. In fact, some of the world records of CPU overclocking are AMD processors.
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    Windows 7-64

    Got lucky, ordered the Windows 8 upgrade disk for $29, after $40 mail in rebate.
    Hopefully someone will soon put the Fx-6200 on sale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azasadny View Post
    I use Radeon (AMD) video cards and have no compatibility or performance issues with Intel chipsets, motherboards or CPU's. I strongly prefer Intel CPU's because they tend to perform better in a wide range of tasks, versus the AMD CPU's, which tend to perform better in a few tasks, then the same or worse than Intel on most others. I subscribe to the "buy once, cry once" policy and I buy the best CPU I can afford and it tends to last me a long time. Case in point, I bought an Intel Quad Core 6600 way back in 2007 and I'm still using it as my daily workhorse PC!
    Yeah my Q6600 lasted from 2007 till I build a new pc in august last yeah, great chip, now have a i5-3550.
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    Lynnwood, WA
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    Windows 8, Windows 7

    I'm down with I will take no fewer than 80 cores, thank you very much.

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    Windows 7-64


    Looks like the FX-6300 might be a better choice then the FX-6200.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I'd take a decent mulit-threaded chip for under 200 dollars that competes against a real expensive i7, where I may or may not see any other potential/performance with that.
    Well, most AMD's compete with mid-line Intel i5's that can be had for around $200. It doesn't take a high-end expensive i7 to compete. An i7 around $299 (i7-3770), outperforms an $180 (AMD-8150), but scores 9474 compared to a 7733. PassMark Intel vs AMD CPU Benchmarks - High End

    And in this users case, he was asking to upgrade his apparently he is looking for additional improvements.

    And off the point: Cokie: Aren't you the guy who is dead set on trying to build a new computer and wants to install 15 hard drives into it??? You really want to go with a lower end cheaper CPU, but then add an absurd # of hard drives to provide a potential to store 40+TB of data...even though you have less than 1TB today?????? Sometimes I just don't get it.
    Hi there
    If the purpose of the system is to act as a file server with 15 HDD's then you don't really need a very fast CPU. You do need some type of hardware that's capable of delivering the speed of I/O required -- but this might be done via special hardware, some type of I/O bus / buffering capability / SCSI cards or whatever but you aren't really likely to need a mega powerful CPU as even an i3 would be able to handle programming for the I/O interrupts -- and the I/O cards should be able to offload most of the queueing and I/O data transfer away from the CPU.

    (If you are running HUGE databases with complex queries which have to deliver 1000's of answers a second then another issue of course -- but we aren't talking about Airline reservation systems or Stock market trading here).

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    Wynnum Australia
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    File-Repair via SabNZB (3770k @4200MHz):

    Uploaded with

    Sometimes it's nice to confirm, that the last upgrade was necessary.

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    Windows 7-64

    Amd fx-4170

    Ended up getting a used FX-4170 off eBay for $93 (should arrive Saturday or Monday), should work fine in the Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 motherboard I installed earlier today.
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Win 8 - four core vs. 6 core processors
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