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Keyboard question:

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    Keyboard question:

    Due to a drain blockage and overflow, water dripped from an upper floor onto the keyboard on a lower floor. Now the keyboard is "dead".

    I researched the Internet and found numerous comments, one of which was to wash a sticky or dirty keyboard with water. Another was to immerse it in water and even to put it into a dish washer !

    Other comments included dismantling it. More comments included some saying that water, or Pepsi, or some other liquid killed their keyboard. More comments said; it's toast, trash it.

    So what are the facts ? I read in an authoritative publication that water doesn't harm keyboards.

    I went to the control panel-keyboard-properties=hardware and it said: "This device is working properly" ????

    Has anyone had any experience with a water soaked keyboard and it so what resulted ?


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    Let it dry out and then see how it works. Turn the keyboard upside down so whatever water was in it can drain out.

    Keyboards are not designed to be repaired, so try whatever you want and then go buy a new keyboard.
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    Keyboards are so cheap that if they give me any trouble, I throw them away. I have washed out the old, heavy Lexmark keyboards and they clean up well, but they were expensive and lasted a long tim (keys that went "click"). Nowadays they are so cheap I wouldn't waste my time.
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    Arnhem, The Netherlands
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    In my experience you can clean keyboards with water. You can even put them in a dishwasher (yes, really!). However, water can also kill keyboards.

    It all depends on the question ==> was the keyboard "hot" when it came into contact with water. A plugged in keyboard will short out when it comes into contact with water (I once killed a keyboard by accidently spilling beer over it when I was gaming. One by one the keys died...).

    Then again... a simple Microsoft standard keyboard costs about 25. So.... why not buy a new one and have some fun with the broken keyboard
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    Is it a coincidence that your user name starts with wet? Sorry to here of your problem! Just trying to make light of it.

    I've heard of people baking their mobile phones in a conventional oven a a very low temperature when they got wet. I suggest to use a hair dryer and blow it dry. These can get very hot, so don't hold it too close.

    Good luck whatever you decide.
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    Thank you friends:

    I'm a bit of an old timer you might say, so over the years computer purchases kept on accumulating.

    The under side of my desk looks like a big plate of spaghetti. I sort of developed an aversion to wires and cables with all of the other paraphernalia, surge protectors, and so on. I went wireless on my keyboard and mouse. Now I buy a new wireless keyboard as soon as I buy a new computer. The keyboard that got soaked was an almost new Microsoft wireless and it was NOT active at the time of the dousing. However, I have a collection of wired keyboards. I plugged in a wired keyboard and back in business.

    While at the store recently I noticed a wireless Logitech keyboard/mouse pack. The keyboard is SOLAR and the mouse battery runs for 3 years. That really caught my attention. I have programmable, wireless Logitech keyboards and they are great.

    The Logitech SOLAR with mouse sells for about US$79 plus tax at Costco discount warehouse, probably $85 or more elsewhere. That's around 56 - 60 Euros or so.
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    Arnhem, The Netherlands
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64 Media Center Edition

    Perhaps you can try the guarantee on the MS keyboard since it is relatively new. Just don't say you've killed it yourself

    The Logitech Solar looks nice! Unfortunately with most of the products, prices in USD = prices in EUR. So the keyboard costs €80 here. That is about $110....

    Luckily you've had a spare keyboard!
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