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I'm glad to see that you got things fixed. A very common issue is that the BIOS setting can get changed from SATA to AHCI or the reverse, causing the drive not to boot.
Been there done that. Had an interesting occurrence tonight.
1. I got my RMA from WD for my 3TB HDD today! So I unmounted every HDD from the cage and reorganized them in my preferred order as it had been jumbled up with alot of HDD swaps lately. My 1TB Caviar Green is about to be phased out now that I have the RMA. Partially because 1TB is no longer enough for my music collection, and plus the HDD is about to die. I booted win 8 with this HDD hooked up just yesterday. Today, after hooking up the new WD 3TB, Win 8 just sat on the boot screen for 5 min or so before I gave up. I unhooked the power cable(normally I would unhook the SATA cable, so dont ask why I went for the power cable) from the dieing HDD on a hunch(the partition is fine as far as I can tell). Sure enough win 8 booted fine.

2. A bit later, I was in Kubuntu, although the fact I was in linux at the time is irrelevant I believe. I was now ready to copy the data from the dieing HDD. So I hooked up the SATA power cable, and the whole system froze up. I hit the reboot button and then I was taken to a grub rescue prompt. I rebooted to BIOS and saw my SSD was not listed. I swapped the power cable connections using the SATA power from the HDD for the SSD instead, and suddenly the system is working fine(although I did not test win 8).

1. Why would a bad HDD suddenly stop win 8 from booting?
2. Any idea why the system froze? I suppose I could have knocked loose the power cable from the SSD boot drive, but I am doubting it.

As an FYI, I am speaking about a single power cable with 2 SATA power connections.