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Upgrade old computer

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    Upgrade old computer

    I have an older HP Slim Line, Desk Top, compute that apparently does not have some capability to run Windows 8.

    HP s3607c. 32 bit, AD 64x2 dual core 4600, 2.4 GHz, 894 MB RAM, Vista Home Premium loaded, factory installed.

    It apparently falls short of qualifying for W8 because it has all components except RAM which needs 2 GB.

    So can I upgrade by more SIMM memory cards for the RAM ?

    Is there anything that I can do to convert from 32 bit to 64 bit

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    Check to see how much RAM you can run on the board. If the CPU is 64bit, I don't know what (if anything) would prevent you from loading the 64bit version of the OS on it. I have found that max'ing out the RAM and putting in a decent video card really helps! Does it support SATA? Does it have a slot for a video card? Slimlines are tough because you're stuck looking for half-height cards...
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    I tried to find that model on, but this is the closest I could get. Are you sure you have the correct model number? Check on the motherboard itself, not just on the outer case...

    Computer memory upgrades for HP - Compaq Pavilion Slimline s3610la Desktop/PC from
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    The label on the box enclosure says HP Pavilion s3637c TV PC.

    Further it says 1024 MB system memory ! *( The "properties" screen says 894 MB RAM ) ???

    It is a 32 bit system.

    The memory discrepancy mean "usable" RAM.

    The monitor is an HPw1907 1440 X 900 pixels. Seems OK. ??

    I ran the Windows 8 program to evaluate the Slimline and it flunked ! Said it wasn't adequate.

    That program seriously disrupted my network and changed lots of things apparently. It took quite some time to get everything back to normal.

    The Windows 8 box says it takes 2 GB RAM but that's for the 64 bit. The 32 bit is supposed to run on 1 GB RAM which apparently I don't have.
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    The BIOS takes some of the RAM before Windows boots for video, BIOS shadowing, etc..., so Windows doesn't get 1GB of RAM. Did you check to see how much RAM you can put in and what type RAM it uses? I normally don't load Win7 or Win8 on a PC unless it has a minimum of 2GB of RAM. A decent video card is also important.
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    I went to and looked for that model number and couldn't find it. This is the closest I could get:

    Computer memory upgrades for HP - Compaq Pavilion Slimline s3637fr Desktop/PC from

    Does your PC have DDR2 (PC2-6400) RAM? If so, this is very expensive RAM to buy. Will you PC support 4GB of RAM or only 2GB? I just worked on one of these older slimline HP/Compaq PC's for a friend and her system would only take 2GB of RAM and I was able to load Win7 on it and ir ran pretty well after I installed a video card in the PCI slot and disabled the onboard vodeo in the BIOS. Slim line cases make it tough because those video cards are harder to find...
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    Thank you again. Yes I did go to the website.

    After checking it out it seems that the recommended upgrades are near or beyond 50% of the cost of a new computer. That violates my rule to buy new instead of fixing up old.

    The Slimline is #3 in a home network. It is intended to be used as storage, backup. It presently is compatible with my network so I have decided to leave it alone and use "as is".

    You were very helpful and I really appreciate your input.
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    I understand. What RAM do you need, I may have some that I could send to you (free)? Some of these old PC's , especially the "slimline" models are notoriously expensive to upgrade. Some cannot be upgraded at all. My policy is that if I have to upgrade more than 2 components (RAM, hard drive, video card, power supply or CPU), then it's time to scrap the PC or keep it "as is" instead of upgrading. I have lots of extra RAM at home, but it's all old DDR/DDR2 stuff. If I have what you need, I'll gladly send it to you. Let me know!
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    Thanks again:

    My Slimline is either 2006 or more recent, not really ancient.

    I'll refer you back to the link you posted and say that I will go with their recommendation on memory spec. Please take a peek at it to ascertain if you have the right one in your repertoire. I didn't phone HP on this as in the past they razzle dazzled me, tried to sell me a 1 year contract and told me there was a for pay fee for answers.

    I opened up the Slimline and found only 1 *( one ) available slot.

    Greatly appreciated.

    Bill Tibbe
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    I just checked and your PC takes the "dreaded" PC2-6400 DDR2 RAM. I say "dreaded" because it's expensive. It would cost $60 to get the 4GB kit, which would max your system out and should run Win7 or Win8 very well. Unfortunately, I also use the same RAM in 2 of my PC's and I don't have any spare. In fact, I'm looking for a good deal on 4GB sticks of PC2-6400 and can't find any at a good price. You could look on eBay for used RAM but it won't be much cheaper, as I said, DDR2 has not come down in price like DDR3 has. Heck, I can buy an 8GB stick of DDR3 for $45, where 4GB of DDR2 is $60, see what I mean? Let me know if you need any other parts and I'll help if I can. Do you have a video card slot in that PC? That's another part you would want to upgrade, but slim profile video cards are harder to find than regular height cards... I just gave my last one away to a friend...
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Upgrade old computer
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