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    I just happened to be messing around with all three computers and the network - all afternoon.

    I already returned Windows 8 Pro to Costco this afternoon for a refund.

    PCRat posted info and links to the HP website. I looked it over and it gave the instructions on how to install/replace memory. So I knew already what to expect. It did include drawings or photos. And I have installed memory in other computers more than once over the years.

    Your photo of the mother board does look like mine alright. However, the memory cards are covered by the disc drive which has to be removed. So far as I could see in there it has two memory cars installed now. One reads 512MB 1Rx8 PC-2 4200J 444-12. They do look, in size, like the new card I received. But here's where it gets confusing. When I went on the suppliers websit and ran the evaluation and recommendations there were two. And when I was on chat with the Tech Rep it all seemed to come out that there were two choices. Buy a twin pack of two cards each 512MB or one card 1 GB. That's what he offered me. I asked if I was all set and he said: Yes.

    So what I have here now is a computer with two cards installed, each 512 MB and a new single card 1 GB. So If I pull one old card and install the new I have 1 GB and 512 MB. Hypothetically I could buy another 1 GB card which would give me 2 GB. I just haven't as yet found out if it can deal with 2 - 1 GB cards.

    The black slot in your photo had me confused. It's empty. I read, or someone told me, that there are smaller cards maybe for Slimline's. I still do not know what the black slot is for.

    The white slot along the bottom of the photo is occupied. It has lots of stuff on it and also has four connectors, two of which look like TV cable connections. It does say CATV and Video. That card is long like the memory cards. But both ends "hang over" past the receptacle and only the middle of the card is actually plugged in. It has an orientation groove too. The black receptacle does not have an orientation slot and a new memory card could not possibly be plugged in.

    This little Slimline is the oldest of the three in the network. It's a third stringer for saving data and files as backup. It works fine now on Vista and it connects to the Internet just dandy. And it is compatible with the other two which both have Windows 8. I just wanted to make it more compatible. It will be sitting idle 90% of the time. Possibly I would gift it to a grandchild.

    I bought some flash drives at Costco with the refund money. San Disk Ultra USB2 - 3 pack of 16 GB each. And a single 32 GB San Disk flash drive. The three pack listed for $39.99 and the 32 GB listed for $29.99. Costco had an "at the register" discount and took $12 off of the 3 pack and $7 off of the 32 GB. $19 bucks saving.

    In addition I have some external HDD - hard drives. So altogether it all adds up to something like 2,000 GB which I can't possibly use. Seems to me that it is easier, faster and simpler to just plug in flash drives, or external hard drives or DVD-RW's to move files around and store them.

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    System specs:

    HP Pavilion Slimline s3037c Desktop PC Product Specifications | HP® Support

    So the machine has both slots filled, 2X512MB (=1GB). You could replace one of the 512MB DIMMs with the 1GB one, and have 1.5GB total. (You might lose the dual channel RAM function, but that's not a big deal.)

    The black slot is PCI-E (PCI Express) X16, usually used for a graphics card. In a slim line PC, it'll be limited to low profile cards. The power supply is listed as 160W, which isn't enough to support most add-in graphics cards. I'm not sure I'd bother. Looks like the onboard graphics have Win8 drivers.

    The white slot is PCI. You have an Asus TV tuner card in it.

    The minimum RAM required for 32 bit Windows 8 is the same as for Vista Home Premium (or any of the higher Vista versions). If the hardware will run Vista, and it has Win8 drivers, it should be OK for 8.

    This isn't a recommendation to upgrade, but it ought to work OK. (I'm not sure about the TV tuner card. Seems like you don't use it, anyway.)
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    Thanks infinitely for your additions. Absolutely greatly appreciated. You are very conspicuously knowledgeable as are other respondents who also merit high fives.

    I think it will be an understatement to say that presently I am truly up to my belt buckle *( being polite ) with transferring and saving old valuable files from the Slimline Vista Home premium to other media, making recovery discs, and flash drives, as well as spreading files around to safe environments.

    Windows 8 Pro is phenomenal and a significant advancement but it has proven to me to be also something temperamental. It has at times not responded to my commands at all in several instances. Trying to cope with three computers on a home LAN has been like a one armed paper hanger at times.

    I have been badly burned with some destructive infections and crashes a couple of times. It was very costly to get back on track and operating. So I'm methodically taking all one step at a time, following discipline and creating the several Win 8 options to recover, repair, refresh, restore. Each has a separate issue and a separate consequence. Some work and some create havoc and some disaster. These all need to be studied out and understood to avoid the pitfalls. As astute as I have been I nonetheless did fall into the elephant pit. Miraculously I was able to extract and resurrect. It's just too long and involved to detail. But on the short explanation flash drive didn't work, I apparently wiped an external hard drive and installed who knows what recovery which vary from 13 GB to 28 GB and I have absolutely no idea at all as to what is now on the HDD except that I am told that is irrevocably committed to the recovery and all existing data was removed, gone, trashed, caput !!! Just by a stroke of dumb luck I was able to find the desired 700 plus text data files ensconced within Microsoft Word "search, more". And copy as well as distribute elsewhere on DVD's and Hard drives on the other computers. *( Phew, narrow scape !) But not without consequences. After adding the old files to the newer computers, I can't open the current text data files on the new computers ??? ). * ( Still working on that one ).

    The little Slimline has both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Works data files. Microsoft Works is not on the two newer computers and there is valuable date in Works too. From what I understand Win8 is unforgiving and will not save files from pre- W7 operating systems. So if I do upgrade to Winn8 on the Slimline all data will be lost on that hard drive. That's why I am spreading it all around elsewhere.

    I'm mulling over your input. Interesting. As they say: " If it ain't broke, don't fix it" ). After I clear all of this other convoluted obstacle course I may take another look at the Slimline.

    I ran the Windows free evaluation program and it flunked the Slimline. At the same time it knocked the LAN settings on the Slimline into an absolute state of chaos. Nothing worked. Apparently it reset many of my settings. It too me hours to trouble shoot and get back on the LAN network.

    My gut feeling tells me that I am asking for trouble that I do not need and venturing into uncharted waters if I persist in upgrading this little computer to Win8.
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    Unfortunately, I need PC2-6400 DDR2 RAM, or I would buy the stick from you and save you lost $ on this. Upgrading old PC's is not always fun, especially when you can't get good info about the PC you're trying to upgrade. I've found that eMachines, Gateway and HP are the worst at this, Dell is the best at providing info on their (now) old PC models.
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Upgrade old computer
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