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    I noticed on the website a scan feature so I ran it on the Slimline. It found my computer s3037c.

    It takes DDR2 PC2 5300. That's not the same as the fs model.

    Where I'm confused: It says it will take 2 GB and I have 1 GB installed. I opened the computer and saw what appears to me to be an empty slot. However the scan says - no - slots available ??????? The slot looks like others memory slots that I have seen before and I have added memory myself to other computers. So is that a memory slot?

    I got on the Crucial.Com chat line and asked some questions. He gave me some info and a recommendation 1 GB. That is apparently all that I can use.

    1 GB kit ( 512 MB x 2 ) $27.99. Looks like two of them.

    1 GB $18.99 Looks like only one.

    So what do you think? Is that a memory slot ? It is safe to order the 1 GB $18.99 ?

    As to a video card, I don't see any other slots available. It's pretty crowded in there. Why do I need to upgrade the video? My monitor meets the resolution criteria.

    I'll phone Crucial on Monday and talk some more before I order.

    I bought the Windows 8 boxed software at Costco. It came with a 64 bit and a 32 bit disc. I installed the 64 bit on computer #2. I don't know it the 32 bit will install on my Slimline. Microsoft gets tricky about one license one install.

    The clock is ticking on Microsoft's $39.99 download promo which apparently ends January 31, 2013. Then it jumps to $199.


    Again thank you for your attentive advice. Most helpful. Your offer was also very kind and considerate.
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    Hafnarfjrur IS
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    Hi there
    Strangely enough DDR2 Memory is more expensive than the more modern DDR3 - and it's quite hard to find 4GB modules -- so if your computer only has 2 slots 4GB will probably be the max you can get. (Note DDR2 and DDR3 memory have different slot connections so you can't swap them).

    If the computer has any SATA connections -- then an SSD will pay HUGE dividends as the boot and OS device.
    If it only has IDE connections you can get a SATA controller card.

    An SSD is one of the best ways of making an old computer really fly always assuming you have more than the bare minimum of RAM.

    Most home users barely use a fraction of the CPU power available in modern CPU's --the bottleneck is 95% poor disk I/O, 4% lack of RAM and less than 1% of lack of CPU power.

    I'm assuming you aren't into heavy Video editing / photoshop type of apps.

    If you can get a minimum of 2 GB then windows 8 with an SSD will run fine even on a really old laptop --but you will need a SATA controller card --cheap enough.

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    Hello, my name is John . How may I help you?
    William Tibbe: Hi John>
    John : Hello
    William Tibbe: I have an HP Slimline Pavilion . I ran your scan and got a recommendation. Need help.
    John : What did the scan show?
    William Tibbe: It showed several selections of memory varying in size.
    William Tibbe: The computer is an HP Slimline s33037c.
    William Tibbe: There was a notation no slot available ??? Don't understand
    John : s33037c that can't be right. could you verify?
    William Tibbe: Made a typo its s3037c
    John : So you have two slots and both are filled, in in order to max that out to 2GB you would remove what you have and purchase CT686497
    John : If you already have 2GB installed your already at max
    William Tibbe: I don't have 2 GB, only 1 GB. I opened it up and there is an empty slot ???
    John : So a single 1GB? then a second 1GB would probably fix you up.
    John : click on "show all and a non kit 1GB will be what you need
    William Tibbe: Sorry please ?
    William Tibbe: What show all?
    John : This one
    John : 1GB, 240-pin DIMM, DDR2 PC2-5300 upgrades for HP - Compaq Pavilion Slimline s3037c Desktop/PC, CT686495 from
    John : Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    William Tibbe: before I lose you am I all set ?
    John : you are all set
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    The DDR2 you need is the same at PC2-6400, just at a slower speed (PC2-5300 is 667mhz versus PC2-6400 at 800mhz). I'm almost positive that you can install 2x2GB RAM modules for a total of 4GB of RAM, but I'm not familiar with HP models and I couldn't find your model on the website. What can make things confusing is that a model may have several versions due to different revisions of the motherboard. The "real" answer is to find the model and Rev # on the motherboard and look those up to see how much RAM you can use. The chipset determines what the board will allow in terms of RAM and CPU. A dedicated video card will ALWAYS perform better than onboard video, but I don't believe you have a video card slot on that model.

    I agree with jimbo45 that an SSD would bring a significant improvement in performance and if the old PC dies, you can reuse the SSD in any other PC, as long as the PC has SATA port(s) available. Good luck!!
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    wetibbe▬ here's specs for your computer HP Pavilion Slimline s3307c Desktop PC Product Specifications HP Pavilion Slimline s3307c Desktop PC | HP Support

    & GUIDES found them here
    Manuals for HP Pavilion Slimline s3037c Desktop PC | HP Support=&

    Start Here Guide ›
    PC Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide ›
    Getting Started Guide ›
    HP Pavilion Home PC - Setup Poster ›
    Upgrading and Servicing Guide ›

    It's really not worth upgrading because of RAM limitation if nothing else. I'm not sure how it rates with an intel Core 2 Duo.
    I've got several friends running these free computers. All were running XP on older computers and wanted 7.
    Actually it costs $169.00 but my friends think of it as buying the Windows 7 PRO 64-bit disk for $139.00 + $30.00 labor to install it on a computer = FREE COMPUTER. Hard to argue with that logic!
    A few swapped out the original 2 GB PC5300 RAM for 8 GB PC6400 RAM and no regrets. The removed RAM got passed along so they all have 4 GB PC5300 or 8 GB PC6400.
    HP Compaq dc7800 Small Form Factor PC - Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz, 2GB DDR2, 80GB HDD, Combo, Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit (Off-Lease) at
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    Great info !

    Thank you all responders.

    Very informative and helpful.
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    I want to thank all again for the help. And to write the final sad chapter in the hope that it may be of some benefit.

    Yesterday I received the 1 GB memory card *( Around $20 with tax ). It does not fit the open slot I can see. It is much too long.

    As careful as I was evaluating and as much as everyone helped it didn't seem possible to understand until I physically had the DIMM in my hand.

    * When I ran the evaluation/recommendation on Crucial.Com * ( Which was excellent ) I got the message no slot available. Yet it recommended the upgrades. Further the tech support rep that I chatted with recommended the 1GB 240-PIN DIMM 128Mx64 DDR@ and glossed over my question. He confirmed that I was "all set". I wasn't!

    I cashed in and threw in the towel. The DIMM doesn't fit. I don't have the GB criteria.

    I won't return the DIMM for credit. I will chalk it up to experience. I will return the Windows 8 Pro to Costco for credit and leave the Win Vista alone on # 3 computer.
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    What type of RAM is it? I may be able to buy it from you and save you a little aggravation! Is it PC2-6400 DDR2, by any chance?
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    It's 1GB 240 pin- DIMM 128Mx64 DDR2 PC2-5300 UNBUFFERED

    Haven't as yet decided finally what to do.

    I'll lay it on the shelf for the time being as a spare backup.

    It isn't worth messing with any more.
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    That's really strange. Your motherboard:

    Motherboard Specifications, M2NC51-AR (HematiteXL) | HP Support

    At the risk of giving insult: the RAM goes in the two blue slots. Even if it was the wrong type (DDR or DDR3, rather than the DDR2 you need), it would be about the right length. Wouldn't fit, but the length would be right.

    I'm trying to think of how it could be too long, and drawing a blank. The old 72 pin SDRAM is shorter. I don't recall the length of Rambus memory, but that hardly matters, because Crucial has never sold it. (They are the retail arm of Micron, who never made Rambus RAM.) There are older memory types, but probably hard to get in the 21st century.

    One thing to do would be to pop out the existing DIMM and compare it to the new one.
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Upgrade old computer
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