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Just built a PC for my neighbor...

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    Ok, yeah I took a looka round,, not sure why I got SODIMM. anyway, wow that's pricey

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    Yeah, it is. I was told it's because MacPros use the same RAM and supply/demand thing keeps the prices high and that the cost to mfg DDR3 is much lower than DDR2, so it makes sense.
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    Hi there
    I'd suggest you save money by NOT installing 2 DVD drives -- Windows 8 can mount a DVD ISO as a virtual DVD which windows explorer can directly access files on , or programs like VLC can play it the same way as a "Physical" DVD drive.

    If you need 2 DVD's at the same time --use a program like AnyDVD to create an exact ISO image so you can then mount the second DVD as a virtual ISO.

    In fact IMO unless you use DVD's a lot why not install NONE and just use a cheap external USB DVD drive when you need to extract data from a DVD. -- It will also keep the footprint of the PC smaller too.

    If the Mobo doesn't have USB3 slots then I'd also suggest adding a cheap USB3 card -- USB3 for external devices makes a HUGE HUGE difference in speed --nearly 10X faster than a USB2 device. USB3 PCI express slot (the small one) card will cost around 25 USD -- but IMO well worth every cent --USB3 external HDD's are decently fast these days too.

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    My neighbor is very "old school" and he wanted 2 DVD drives so he can burn DVD's and copy them the way he's used to doing it. I usually put 1 DVD drive in the case, but he insisted on 2. The drives were $25 each, so it wasn't a big expense. He just ordered an SSD for it, so I'll be setting that up for him when it arrives this week...
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    That's all personal choice stuff and you know what they say, the customer is always right. Me I don't have any optical drives in any of my desktops. I have a USB DVD Lightscribe drive that I plug in when needed. I have everything on USB thumb drives these days so I hardly use it anymore. Usually to burn a disks for someone else.
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    Yep, I mostly use USB thumb drives (32GB) these days, but the DVD RW drive comes in handy, too. I burn a system restore DVD with my drivers, etc... on it and I burn DVD's with family pictures, etc... for other family members, so the DVD RW drive is still used.
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    All my pcs have a DVD rom + a DVD burner with crazy logic.
    Not knowing what MS will do, I never insert a genuine OS disk in the burner . For fear it will be altered in someway by a 'first-run script' or something similiar making it unusable in some form.
    As long as I have a DVD roms & burners on the shelf, why take chances?
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    OEM OS DVDs are nonvolatile, aren't they?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbratch View Post
    OEM OS DVDs are nonvolatile, aren't they?
    Yes as far as I know they are read only.
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    They are read-only, no need to worry about writing anything to them...
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Just built a PC for my neighbor...
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