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Just built a PC for my neighbor...

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    lol, my first home PC had 7 ISA slots on it, there was no PCI then. The only connector other than for the power cord was the big old 5 pin keyboard connector. Serial mouse on a multi IO card. The multi IO card also had the floppy and hard drive controller on it. Then there was a video card, sound card, modem, NIC, etc. A 486DX2 66MHz CPU and 4 1 meg SIMMS. Windows 3.11 running on MSDOS 5.2 or something. You'd have to exit out of windows and reach around the back to turn the power supply off.

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    alphanumeric▬ you threw me off guard there for a second when I read "there was no PCI then." At firsat I thought you meant PCIexpress but as I read along, I knew I had to start over and read slower.
    This time I didn't browse over "had 7 ISA slots on it." I didn't get into computers until 2002 but my first 3 pcs had ISA
    Thanks for waking me up.
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    I don't want to be a buzz kill or anything, and I think it is great what you did for your neighbor.
    But I do like to point out certain things when I see them.
    And over kill on Ram is one of them.
    So, I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way....

    I really wouldn't have spent that much money on ram for a PC like this.
    It really is WAY over kill. as an example, 4G is plenty for a system like this and you could have saved approx 75 to 80$ to put into something else.... - Computer Hardware, Memory, Desktop Memory, DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600), 4GB (2 x 2GB), $10 - $25

    Just my 2 cents. I don't see a problem with putting that much ram into a PC that is actually going to utilize it for stuff like Virtual PC's, Photo, Video Editing and the like. But on a simple media center, it really can be a huge waste of money, better spent elsewhere on other hardware.
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    I appreciate your viewpoint, but there are a few things you don't know about my neighbor (because I didn't mention them). He really wanted "lots of RAM" and the local store didn't charge us the full $50 for the 8GB stick. He'll likely never add RAM and doesn't want to touch the box again, so I tried to build it so he wouldn't have to do anything but add a video card (he's not a gamer) and perhaps put in an SSD or larger/faster hard drive. I'll create a RAM disk out of some of the RAM so he can use it for burning DVD's, etc... Thanks!!
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    That's cool. That could come in handy.

    I just hate to see people waste money on ram they don't need. If it really is needed or can be used, then I say go for it.
    But I see a lot of this going around. And even in a gaming system, 4G is plenty 6 if you really want to just say you have more than 4G, but you want a really good Video card, 16G of ram isn't going to do that much for a gaming rig either.

    Anyway, good luck with the rest of the build.
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    If I only have onboard graphics; much effect does more RAM have on buffering when I'm watching youtubes, hulu etc?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcRat View Post
    If I only have onboard graphics; much effect does more RAM have on buffering when I'm watching youtubes, hulu etc?
    It can. but it depends more on the Onboard Video Hardware. How efficiently it utilizes RAM for it's video card requirements.

    To give you an idea... My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1764...
    This is what I have in my Laptop with 4G of Ram. I don't ahve any issues with watching Hulu, Netflix or YouTube or any videos anywhere online for that matter.

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    On my neighbor's motherboard, he can assign up to 1GB of RAM for the onboard video, so that helps. Also, the 8GB sticks of RAM weren't that much more than the 4GB sticks and the local store didn't have any 2 or 4GB sticks of RAM in stock, so they gave us a great deal on the 8GB sticks. I buy a lot of gear from them and they always give me a killer deal. Now, If I could only find a good deal on PC2-6400 DDR 4GB sticks!!!!
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    I meant to say earlier,, that, yeah, if you got an excellent deal on it then it's worth it.

    This really isn't a bad deal at all for any of these... - Computer Hardware, Memory, Laptop Memory, DDR2 800 (PC2 6400), 4GB (2 x 2GB)
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    I need desktop RAM, unfortunately... I have an Intel DG43GT motherboard with an Intel Q6600 CPU. I can use 16GB of RAM, but I'm only running 6GB because I can't find 4GB sticks for a reasonable price...
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Just built a PC for my neighbor...
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