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SSD not showing in "My Computer"

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    SSD not showing in "My Computer"

    Hey All,

    I'm having a slight issue with my new Asus Laptop. I have a couple partitions not showing up in "My Computer" as recognized hard drives in Windows 8. When I go to Disk Management, they are show up there, but they are not assigned a drive letter. I've attached a picture.

    Click image for larger version

    How this all happened was that I turned on the laptop and it was just a blank screen. After waiting 5 minutes, I powered down the laptop and restarted. It began to check for consistency with the disk drives and all of a sudden Windows 8 had "Refreshed". All my data is gone but I think it has to do with the SSD not showing up. Hopefully someone can shed some light on my situation.


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    Is the SSD used for caching? If so, perhaps something went wrong with Intel's (?) driver and messed Windows up.

    Guess then you have to reinstall intel SRT drivers and assign it as a cache drive once again. If you are unsure, recover using your recovery partition.

    Either way, refresh should not have deleted your data. That part I don't understand.
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SSD not showing in "My Computer"
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