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Thin black border at top of display

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    Thin black border at top of display

    I have this very thin black border at the top of my LED display, it's there with both HDMI and VGA so its not some scaling issue.The border is very thin and not at the top most, I can see the image like less than 1mm above the border too.Didn't had this issue on Windows 7, tried everything from re-installing drivers and mess with ATI settings but no avail.I don't have this black border in the bios either.
    Tried taking a screenshot but it wasn't showing there, sorry.

    Could it be a sudden issue with my display ? I just got it a few months back, its a Fujitsu 23" LED display and running at 1920x1080 resolution.My GPU is a 7850.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Edit: I also checked on my laptop, there is a very very thin border at the top there too across which I could see the top edge of my cursor.
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Thin black border at top of display
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