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Logitech T650 Touch Pad

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    wow. I can't believe Logitech would leave out an obvious gesture to close an app! does the Logitech software allow you to make custom commands?

    maybe you should consider selling it and getting the Lenovo. I got one for $30. there's no software to install with the Lenovo. it's all from the default Windows mouse settings in Control Panel.

    here are the gestures:
    Click image for larger version

    here was my impressions of the Lenovo:

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    For the record, the T650 does allow you to close a Metro app. Start dragging from the top, but not too fast. You should see a visual cue of a window outline as you drag downward. If you don't see the outline, you're not doing it right. Release at the bottom of the pad. I find it is even tricky with a mouse. It takes practice to get the hang of it...
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    yeah, it shouldn't be tricky. on the Lenovo, it's a quick swipe and very easy. never tricky at all. just as good as with my touchscreen monitor.

    I've played with the Logitech a long time ago at the store and I didn't personally have problems with it (although my experience with it was limited to about 10 minutes) so I was confused by john's statements but he showed me the listed gestures which seem to suggest no app closure.
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    I am going to return it. If it had some way of creating my OWN mouse gestures, I would probably keep it but I don't see a way. I think it comes down to it being mostly a trackpad and I would much rather use my mouse.

    Boy the Lenovo has a lot of gestures I would have liked to have seen on on the Logitech!
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    Ok this was driving me crazy too.
    Looked all over the internet for a solution and couldn't find it.

    After multiple attempts I have finally got it. (it really shouldn't be this difficult logitech)

    So This is what you do to close a metro/modern application:
    1)with the metro application open move the cursor to the top of the screen. The courser turns to an open hand.
    2) double tab on the douchpad. making sure you don't lift your finger after the 2nd tab. This will cause the hand to get a bit closed.
    3) now for the tricky part. Swipe down to the bottom of the screen to close. This is fairly easy with a mouse since you have reach the bottom of the screen with less movement. In situations like mine when you have a 30" screen running 2560X1600 I can not reach the bottom of the screen with one normal speed downward movement. Picking your finger up will reset the whole process. In this situation you will have to swipe down very fast. This will cause the cursor to accelerate and make it to the bottom quickly so there by closing the application.

    I hope this helps.
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    yeah, but that's using the normal trackpad behavior rather than the true windows 8 gesture.

    with any trackpad (even ancient ones), a double tap (with a hold on the second tap) will grab the object. this is how you moved around windows and objects without having to use multiple fingers (for example, holding the left mouse button and then using the other finger to drag something).

    so in essence what the logitech is doing is just the normal grab and drag to the bottom like with any trackpad or with a mouse (where you hold down the left mouse button and then drag the app to the bottom).

    the true windows 8 gesture to close an app is to do 1 swipe from the top edge to the bottom edge. this is how it works on a touchscreen. it's how it works on the Lenovo TouchPad.
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Logitech T650 Touch Pad
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