Hey everyone!

Just had a question. I installed windows 8 in ACHI mode in the bios to get the added performance and what not and its proved to be even smoother than IDE mode.

Now I have two IDE hard drives that i'm not using because i'm waiting for windows 8 drivers for my PCI/PCIe Sata/IDE controller card and its not built-in into my motherboard as I just bought it brand new.

So my question is, having it in ACHI mode, can it conflict with my IDE drives? so what if I decide to use my PCI/PCIe sata/ide controller card?

I have one PCI sata/ide card that does not have a bios built in from VIA and a PCIe JMicron sata/ide controller and it has a bios built in.

I just want to try and avoid any complications that would have to make me somehow re-install windows 8. I just got it the way I want it to be