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The best USB analog video capture device for Windows 8?

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    The best USB analog video capture device for Windows 8?

    I am wanting to transfer videotapes from a digital camcorder to my new laptop that runs windows 8. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with any video capture devices that are compatible with windows 8. I appreciate any ideas or opinions.

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    Kworld no longer works, and I can't find a substitute


    I have a similar problem. My beloved Kworld USB2800D no longer works with Windows 8, and I can't find a substitute. Kworld has no Windows 8 drivers on its web site. Is it just too difficult to get ordinary capture devices to work with Windows 8? After the OS has been out for a year, there still are no consumer-type video-capture devices available. That's telling.
    I like the Kworld USB2800D because it is cheap ($40), reliable and has a good timer application to record TV shows. There were some issues early on with the color settings tending to wander on their own, but that was fixed with a subsequent upgrade to 2.0 to the software (called DVD Maker). The recording timer also got better. The app also has a pretty good editor, if all you want to do is cut out commercials. There's no fancy stuff.
    So, I miss my good ole USB2800D. I would buy an upgraded product from Kworld, but there is none that works with Windows 8. It's a sad situation.

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The best USB analog video capture device for Windows 8?
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