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Latest AMD Chipset Drivers Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    New AMD 13.4 chipset driver released. See first post for more details.
    That's all very nice but I DO NOT want to install graphic drivers only chipset ones. On the custom install menu it does not allow me to deselect that one. How's that chipset driver than ? When I cancel the installation and go to the folder it unzipped to there's no mention of drivers I want to upgrade and that's mostly the AHCI driver 'cause I'm having some issues with my SSD. And what the hey are graphic drivers doing there together with driver for chipset. ??
    Gigabyte does not list any newer drivers for this chipset ( 870). I do not have an IGP nor my Ph IIx4 965 be suport it like APUs do. I have to use Legacy 12.6 win8 driver because CCC des not work with any other driver.
    Hello Mike,

    The link to AMD on the first page are for AMD chipset drivers.

    You might give the AMD Driver AutoDetect at the link below a try instead.

    AMD Driver Autodetect

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanx, will try immediately
    Nope, it redirected me to graphic card driver update and said that I have an unknown OS x64 and the web page was not found.
    Well, that did not work out but found the drivers for AHCI here :
    How helpful will they be will see, they installed all right at least.
    Update (again)
    OK, SSD speed back to near the specs now, thanx for the idea.
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    this s a good for AMD lovers especially gamers and being mine among those I'm also interested to find an apt one to me ..
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    Well finally AMD has released their driver for windows 8.1.....13.9.

    AMD Catalyst
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    New AMD 13.11 chipset driver released.
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    thanks very much for sharing
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    Trying to Sith things out
    Bamberg Germany
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    AMD Catalyst OMEGA

    New AMD chipset driver 14.12 09-Dec-14.
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    Thank you Cliff. First post updated.
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    Downloaded it and using it since this morning. First one in a while that didn't give me any grief on 8.1 and W10TP. Switched straight from 14.4. Installed sweetly and seamlessly with few new features in CCC. According to benchmarks no much improvement but no problems (had a wee bit tearing with open GL before).
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    Downloaded and installed v14.12 from the first link -- and it did not install! Looked like it did at first, but when I opened CCC, it still showed 14.9. So, I removed 14.9, rebooted and tried again. Install process was very brief, and looking at the log, it only installed three items: AMD Install Manager, AHCI drivers, USB drivers. So, I ran the install again -- same results: no AMD items in the apps list, not AMD item in the system tray.

    So, I ran the AMDCleanupUtility, to make sure all scraps of the AMD driver suite were gone -- and that was disaster! When I rebooted, only one screen was showing (not both of them), couldn't get full resolution, and about half of the desktop shortcuts were gone, as was the case with the system tray!

    So ... restored from yesterday's full image backup. Working system with everything back.

    Went to the AMD site myself and saw that the download there was 200+MB not the 48MB download in the link in the first page of this thread. So, I downloaded that and ran it. It actually DID install the driver suite, and when I rebooted, CCC shows 14.12 Catalyst Omega drivers in place.

    1) The 48MB download doesn't install the drivers -- at least, not for me.
    2) Do NOT use the AMDCleanupUtility unless you want to trash your system!
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Latest AMD Chipset Drivers Released
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