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Slow USB 3 speeds.

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    Slow USB 3 speeds.

    I have a new Asrock H77-Pro4-M motherboard and i'm running win 8 (fresh install). I haven't added any specific drivers that i can find to enhance usb 3 from the mb website, i thought Win 8 would come with its own.
    Im only getting 28-30mb/sec transfer speeds from both ports and on two seperate usb 3 devices.

    Can someone please advise what drivers, where to get from and what BIOS tweaks i might need to do to get things hurrying along.



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    What kind of USB drives do you have? Some of the cheaper drives even though they say USB 3.0 have very poor performance. And of course if you are plugging USB 2 drives into a USB 3 port you won't get USB 3 speeds. I don't have your mobo but my Win 8 works fine with stock m$ drivers.
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    You might find this thread helpful
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    I have a usb 3.0 stick and a decent portable 1tb drive, both of which have achieved decent speeds in the past.

    Thanks tw33k, i will give that a go, will let u know how i get on.
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Slow USB 3 speeds.
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