This is sort of a repost of mine over in the Windows 7 forum. I got a lot of logical suggestions that I appreciated very much and tried them all with no success. So I thought I would try here on the other side of the fence.

I clean installed Windows 7 on a HP Envy Hp-1414 that came with Window 8 installed. Everything went well by following the guides offered by many in various forums. That is until I tried to use the front USB ports. They would not recognize any sort of USB device I plugged into them.

I looked at Computer Management/Devices and found the Universal USB Driver was not installed. No Driver is what I remember the message to be. So I looked all over the web and could not find a Windows 7 or Vista driver that would work. Of course HP did not have a driver for either Windows 7 or Vista for this machine. . I even spent some money and got what was supposed to be a Universal USB driver from Driver Update. At least, it was the one they recommended when the said mine was out of date. It would not install. I got a message from the installer that said the driver didn't meet minimum requirements. Go figure! I also tried using the Win 8 drivers from the HP and Microsoft with the same lack of success

When Win8 was on the machine the front ports worked just fine.

Interestingly, If I plug any of the devices into one of the four rear ports it works fine. It is just the front panel ports that don't.

Again, when Win8 was on the machine the front ports worked just fine. I've tried every driver imaginable and checked the EUFI BIOS for any applicable settings. They seem to be OK. But since this is my first experience with EUFI I'm not sure of anything.

Thank you.