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Mouse Problems

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    Mouse Problems

    Hi folks, I'm currently having a problem with my mouse. Whenever I hold down the right mouse button and shake it just a tiny bit, the mouse pointer freezes and then about a second or so later the right mouse button menu comes up. It didn't do that before my last update and this is a problem for whenever I play shooter games because that pesky mouse would be frozen though I can still move and there is no lag of any kind whatsoever in the game. At first I thought this was just a problem with the game itself, but after exiting the program to troubleshoot the problem, I realized it was the same for whatever program I used and even when I wasn't using a program. I've already tried uninstalling the mouse drivers and installing them again, but that hasn't worked. I'm out of ideas, any suggestions?

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    It sounds like a mechanical problem. "shake it" is impossible to be anything software related. You may need a new mouse.
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Mouse Problems
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