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Why bother with Surface Pro when THIS is available CHEAPER

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    Why bother with Surface Pro when THIS is available CHEAPER

    Hi there
    This seems to be a MUCH MUCH better deal than a Surface PRO

    Works both as a TABLET and as a LAPTOP, ruggedly built, I7 processor if you want one and CHEAPER than the Surface pro --especially if you add the cost of a KEYBOARD to the surface PRO.

    Convertible Ultrabook Laptop & Tablet PC | ThinkPad Twist with Win 8 (US)


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    For $899 this is way out of pricing. You have to pay extra for a cover and extra for more memory. Their are comparable tablets out their that cost a lot less. I was going to get one, but the price they want is ridiculous. 10" screen, you can get a much larger screen and other goodies for much less. I don't think they will sell many at the price they want. I can buy a new laptop with windows 8 pro touch screen , 17" screen and it will do all the things and more that a windows 8 pro tablet will do for a lot less. If Microsoft wants to compete with I Pad, they need to do it with their pricing.
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    the Lenovo is almost twice as heavy. and I'm not a fan of twisting convertibles. too many times, you're in an awkward situation to convert like on the airplane. I've owned Tablet PCs for a long time. I still have my HP TX2000 (which was twisting). I also have a Lenovo one (which was also twisting though the Lenovo was a pen-only screen, no touch).

    Jimbo, you're coming from a traditional world where you want a basic laptop or desktop. You don't even want a touch screen. That thinking doesn't match what most people are thinking when it comes to touch screens and form factors.
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    I'd rather buy the Lenovo Yoga, 1,000 dollars for a 13 inch screen and a 128 gig SSD.

    I'm still more or less for the Surface Pro. But I might wait it out as the need isn't necessitating the purchase as urgent.
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    People will buy things for non logical reasons, e.g. it is small or it is trendy.

    If you market it right, they will pay a massive premium for no performance benefits.
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    it's not about marketing. it's about fulfilling needs. not everything is about bang for the buck. My 17" laptop slaughters most laptops out there. But it weighs a ton and has no battery life. For people that want a touch screen laptop, the Lenovo is good.

    But for people that want a tablet/laptop, 3.5 lbs is 3.5 lbs with no flexibility on the weight issue.

    It's the same reason why a smartphone costs $700-900 (unsubsidized). It's a lot less powerful than a laptop but you're paying for the size. And small and light is not easy to do.
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    Almost everything is about marketing.

    It is why Aapl are able to get around 50% gross margin on iphones.
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    A traditional laptop design simply locks you into a traditional work environment/mindset. That suits some, but tablet design offers far greater variety and versatility than any laptop design. I've been wating for decent tablets to come out for decades and they are finally available and getting better.
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    ThinkPads have always been superior. This one would knock the socks off a Surface.
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Why bother with Surface Pro when THIS is available CHEAPER
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