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Why bother with Surface Pro when THIS is available CHEAPER

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    I really like the W700 concept. Engadget (granted they are mostly iPhans) was not kind in their review - basically complaining that it is too fat and bulky to be a tablet or too cumbersome with all its pieces (stand, k&m) to replace the ultrabook you travel with. Ars Technica seemed more fair in its review and geared it around what I envisioned using the W700 as - a light desktop replacement that maybe sits in the kitchen and could also be pulled off its dock and toted around the house.

    I really like the W700 but Ars makes a few observations that concern me. 1) No expandable memory card slot 2) Dock does not adjust to viewing tablet while standing 3) No digitizer/pen. Otherwise, I think it looks like a pretty outstanding package with everything that is included. I wish the Surface has some sort of desktop dock since it already has a pen and memory slot along with all the same specs.

    My other concern is how 'usable' is a 10.5" desktop? In actuality, 13-15" maybe even a better form factor for this type of device. Not the size of tablet you want to travel much with, but just poking around with it on the couch every now and then would be fine.

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    I've been working with the Samsung Ativ PC Pro for awhile, and after using both the W700 and the Samsung, I prefer the Samsung precisely because of the things the W700 doesn't do as well with - namely the dock hinge makes the screen adjustable (to a point) when docked, the keyboard and trackpad are usable, it has WiDi support, double the HDD space, good pen support (and storage on the unit), a MicroSD slot, and weighs less - all for just about $200 USD more than the W700.

    In the end I'm still going to end up using a Surface Pro as my primary computing device, partially because the wife has stolen started using the Samsung and likes it as well over the W700 we had been testing, and partially because I like my Surface RT so much with the type cover.
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Why bother with Surface Pro when THIS is available CHEAPER
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