I have Asus UL3JT with Elan trackpad.
On official Asus site, the latest driver for my laptop is really old, and it won't work on Windows 8. Shame. However, I installed the latest Elan driver (14.1.3) and it kinda does its job. I have all of Windows 8 gestures, awesome!

The problem is - I can't open settings window from tray icon. Well, I can, but it's all blank (just white window and Ok/Apply/Cancel buttons).
I managed to change settings on my own, via registry editor. It is annoying, but work.

There is still one thing that bothers me. Is it possible to force mouse to snap (lock) on charms buttons when swiped from right? My friend has a Dell laptop, and it does something like this. I know, that somehow my laptop does the same when launching alt+tab (three fingers down) - mouse is locked, and I switch programs just moving from left to right, no pointing.

Also, how does Win8EdgeAdvance_Enable (and others) work? I tried to fiddle with that, but no result.