I am going to try to describe this issue as best as I can, though it is an elusive beast...

If the AMD drivers are installed for my GPU, and I lock the computer (Win-L, not put to sleep), then come back *some time* later, both of my screens respond to moving my mouse and exit sleep mode, however, the screens just show black - I see no lock screen. It behaves the same as if the unlock screen would actually be displayed in that it waits for a minute and, not noticing input, the screens turn off again. If I try to CTRL-ALT-DEL and enter my password to log in, the PC does not respond. The only solution is to force reboot.

Now, I have a similar experience if I remove the drivers via Programs and Features, which means I'm running off stock Windows drivers (I'm guessing at this point, I don't understand how I get good graphics performance in games from my GPU when I remove the AMD drivers... if someone could explain that to me I would appreciate it).

However, it's different. Only one screen turns on, but it simply shows black. The other stays off (in sleep mode). In this situation, I am able to blindly hit CTRL-ALT-DEL, enter my password, and log in - which then displays the desktop on both screens - but the monitor that did turn on defaults resolution to 640x480, and I hear the 'device removed' sound. If I look in the Screen Resolution CP, it shows 1920x1080, and changing it has no effect. Because I cannot get it to restore normal resolution, I am forced to reboot.

In either case, when I reboot (either forcibly, or via the power menu), it fixes the problem and both screens display in 1080p. It does not happen all the time - only some times. But it's a fairly large percentage of the time (and therefore VERY annoying)

As mentioned before, I have removed the driver via programs and features, as well as using the Uninstall option on the driver tab for the video card under Display adapters in the device manager.

One thing I did notice, in the latter situation (after removing AMD drivers) is that in device manager, under Monitors, I had one monitor that said Generic non-PnP Monitor, and one that said Generic PnP Monitor. In a normal situation, they both say Generic PnP Monitor.

Additional info
* Power Settings - Turn off the display: 20 minutes
* Power Settings - Put computer to sleep: never
* Upgraded from Windows 7 via the upgrade adviser
* Hibernate (hyberfil): disabled
* AMD driver version 12.10 installed (latest)
* Latest Windows updates installed

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.