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Windows 8 destroyed my Buffalo 3GB external HDD

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    Windows 8 destroyed my Buffalo 3GB external HDD


    I bought a brandnew Buffalo 3TB external HDD Drive station (USB 3.0) (HD-LB3.0TU3-EU)
    and wanted to make a second backup of my files which are on another Western Digital 3TB USB 3.0 external harddrive.

    So i plugged both in and both were recognized without problem. Then i began to copy the files from the WD to the Buffalo harddrive (both attached via usb 3.0) and it just copied 1 folder and told me that the original file location is not anymore existing and stopped copying.
    And somehow my WD drive was not showing up anymore.(but still my buffalo drive)
    The WD even did not show up in the disc management setup!
    So i decided to reboot and before i did it i removed the buffalo drive via the "safely remove hardware and eject media" button(Right at the startup corner right bottom of the screen).
    Instantly after hitting this button the buffalo drive began to make a horrible repeating scratching noise, like trying to park or move the hdd heads continuously). I waited 30 secs then i pushed the shoot down button, nothing after 2 mins waiting for the shutdown of windows i pushed the reset button and reentered win8

    Fortunately my wd drive with my files was recognized but not the buffalo drive anymore
    At the disk management setup it gives me the initialise disk where i can choose between MBR and GUID but with both options it gives me an I/O drive error
    I see it as an offline HDD and cannot do anything with it not even remove it.
    And i connected it on my Windows 7 laptop, same problem.

    So looks like Win 8 destroyed it i lost 150 now quite pissed with win 8 and cannot change even back to win7.
    I have another external hard drive which has important data on it and its the same brand as the hdd win8 destroyed. So i cannot use it because i fear win8 will do the same on this drive...

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    I don't understand how Windows 8 could "destroy" a hard drive. It sounds like a hardware failure to me. Return the drive to your vendor.
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    Is your bios up to date with Win8 support? For my board I've had several updates for usb compatability.
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    Same thing happen to my Buffalo 1 TB and no one can fix it. Windows claims it was something else even though it worked until windows 8 fixed a so called problem it found on it. I have a second drive and windows wants to fix that too but in no way will I let it. Now I'm out the $129.00 for the drive and all my work is gone.
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    I still feel like this particular case from the OP is a hardware failure. I think that the hardware failure caused disk management to crap out and that is why prior to the reboot it lost both the WD and the Buffalo hard drive.

    Now we have a new post from another "Buffalo" drive. Seems rather odd that in both cases it was a Buffalo drive and this issue.
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Windows 8 destroyed my Buffalo 3GB external HDD
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