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Can touch laptops play games while still using touch?

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    Can touch laptops play games while still using touch?

    I know that you can already play games like XCOM and Master of Orion II on Win8, but if I have a touchscreen laptop, can I incorporate touch into the game?

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    I have a touchscreen desktop, and I would say that the touchscreen in a laptop would be the same. I play games on the touchscreen desktop while incorporating the touch into the game. However, depending on the game, it might not be a good idea. I play world of warcraft, and touchscreen for that isn't as good as it should be. You touch to far to the side, you start going around in circles, lol. So I rather just use mouse & keyboard for most games, rather than touch -- unless its a game optimized for touch.
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    So you're saying yes? Because that would be fun (XCOM not WoW lol) it would be more fun to use touch with turn base strategy games like MOOII. Thanks!
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    Yes. there will be touch in the game but it won't be like touch in touch-designed games.

    I play Plants vs. Zombies on my PC and it's sooooooooo much better with a touch screen than with a mouse. With a mouse, you have to frantically move the mouse cursor around the screen and click frantically. But with touch, you just touch the falling sun or the objects to fire.

    That's a game, even though it wasn't designed for touch, to show off a touch screen.

    But since these older games weren't designed with touch in mind, you can't do things like pinch to zoom or other touch features. You'll be able to do whatever you can do with a mouse. So if you want to highlight a group of objects like in a RTS game, instead of holding down the mouse button and dragging a box around the objects, you can use your finger and do it.
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    Thanks. The older games that I play only use mouse clicks and keyboard events (example: "Type name here: _") amd there is no zooming. It is still a fun game, though, and I would very much enjoy playing it while it is in tablet mode.
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    rts games would your best option as most support touch or can be made to.

    warcraft 3/starcraft/supreme commander all work with touch, haven't tried any others but given the age variance on those games and they all work i'd say it's a fair bet most rts or games of the type where click to move is used more than wasd will probably work better.

    that said i have a touchscreen overlay for a 32"tv that i mount on a architechs desk for that.
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Can touch laptops play games while still using touch?
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