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Windows 8 tribulations on HP touchsmart Tx2z

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    yes, that Samsung is pretty amazing. actually, there are 2 models. the one in that article is the Atom version. I think the i5 version is better and worth the extra $400. though the Atom version is pretty cool. but with laptops, you have to get as much power as you can afford because they're not upgradable.

    it is a step down in size of the screen versus the TX models (11.6" versus 12.1") but it's a much nicer display and is 1920x1080. though things will appear tiny at that resolution with this screen size. I definitely bump up the size of the text and menu items if I get it.

    As for the article, I'd either get it at the Microsoft store where all PCs are sold completely clean, with only Windows. Or I'd wipe out all the junk on the system, including the unnecessary partitions. Heck, I'd even considering buying the upgrade Windows disc in case I ever had to recover from a major system problem rather than waste all that space for a recovery partition.

    I really suggest going to stores and playing with as many models as you can. I've visited the Sony stores, the Microsoft stores, Fry's Electronics, Best Buy, etc. It's really the only way to get a feel for whether a machine matches your workflow. Like I didn't think I'd like the sliding screen on the Sony but after playing with it, it was nice (though it feels like it weighs a ton). Same thing for the Surface RT (out of contention because I want full Windows). I was expecting a bad experience with the keyboard due to average reviews. But I was flying on the keyboard. I don't think I could reach max speed on that keyboard (on a regular keyboard, I can do 1 minute drills at about 110 wpm but regularly type around 85 wpm) but I was definitely near my normal speed. Then again, I took a real typing class and learned proper technique. A lot of people have really bad habits on the keyboard which is what you pick up when you self-learn.

    i have an even older machine than yours (an HP TX2000) that's being retired due to too many problems. as least you're lucky and have a capacitive screen. I'm still poking with my fingernail.

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    Yeah the Samsung sounds nice alright, the trouble is I'm slightly impoverished. What I usually do when I see computer hardware I like is tell myself I'll buy it later when the price comes down but when later comes I'll see something I like even better and I'll tell myself I'll buy THAT one when the price goes down and so on. Every once in a while I'll see what I think is a hot bargain and grab that. That's how I ended up with this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by corax View Post
    In reply to Optical 10 about #3 HP Quicklaunch.
    My machine is a Tx2z 1000 CTO, with Win 8 64.
    HP changed around the site!
    It took a little digging around but it's under Driver - Keyboard and mouse inputs here Software & Driver Downloads HP TouchSmart tx2z-1000 CTO Notebook PC | HP® Support . I just downloaded Quicklaunch for Win7 64 and installed it after Win 8 was installed. Yeah I took a risk, I know.... but it worked, sort of.

    About all that other stuff, "the big stink" I didn't have a clue.
    Thanks, that worked & i'll keep an eye on it stop/starting in "msconfig & services" after restarts.
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    Well I found out what was causing my problem it's here: HP 3F0 ERROR help - HP Support Forum and HP's recommendations for troubleshooting the problem are here: Overview of How to Troubleshoot Problems When a Computer Does Not Start Up or Boot Properly HP TouchSmart tx2z-1000 CTO Notebook PC | HP® Support. This problem is not Windows 8 specific it's to do with bios problems. I'm marking this solved.
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Windows 8 tribulations on HP touchsmart Tx2z
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