I have been searching for a few days for information on this issue and so far nothing has worked. My issue is that my DVD drive IS recognized but it does not correctly read DVD's. After installing Windows 8 Pro and doing all the current updates I have been fixing small issues here and there but overall nothing major. I have a 2010 Office Professional Plus DVD set that I was using fine on Windows 7 that I cannot install now. When I place the disk in the drive the autoplay opens with ONLY the option to "Open Folder to View Files" and nothing else. When I do that there are only 2 files inside and nothing I can use to install the media on the disk. The troubleshooters I have run and the automatic "fix it for me" are fooled by the 2 files on the disk and report that it is working fine. I have uninstalled the driver and rebooted. I did the Command Prompt add "HK.......0x00000001" whatever it is copied right from the post on the windows support page. I have uninstalled the driver and manually installed the driver from the manufacturers website using windows 7 compatibility mode from esupport.sony with no luck. The registry shows it as a CD drive not a DVD drive and the default value shows "value not set." There are also no lines for upper filter or lower filter to delete.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone is familiar with this kind of issue. The DVD drive does appear in my list of drives. The driver is up to date. When I place a DVD in the drive, it reads SOME of the information on the disk but not all. Also the disk is completely clean with no scratches or other problems.

My issue has does not involve windows media player.

I have not tried a CD in the drive because I honestly don't even think I have any. 100% of my media is stored as data and I hardly ever even use the DVD drive. All I really want to do is install Office 2010. If anyone knows if my Office License can be used to install the software online that would probably be fine for now, but I would still like to get the DVD drive working properly.

I know that my computer is not technically supported for Windows 8 and I'm ok with that. I realize that there may be compatibility issues and so far this is the only one really giving me a problem.

Intel Core 2 Duo
AMD Radeon HD 4500

Matshita DVD-RAM UJ892AS

Thank you!