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Code 19: DVD, BD, virtual drives all nonfunctional

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    Windows 8

    Code 19: DVD, BD, virtual drives all nonfunctional

    Just upgraded to Windows 8 via clean install.

    Everything seemed to be working OK, and then I noticed that I was not able to mount an .iso. Looking a little closer, I noticed that my DVD and BD drives were missing. I have checked for updates, but everything seems to be up-to-date. I have also tried a few restarts, but no luck.

    Looked at bios but DVD and BD drives are present.

    Tried unplugging and plugging in drives, but still no change.

    Looked at hardware manager and I see exclamation points by all items under the DVD/CD-ROM drive category (including virtual drives as a result of attempting a mount). Specifically, here is the error I get:

    'Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)'

    I did not mess around with the registry to cause a problem.

    Tried updating drivers, but no luck. Tried uninstalling and re-installing drivers, but also no luck. Tried uninstalling drivers and reboot, but same result.

    Any ideas?


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    Windows 8

    After screwing around with this for 2 days, I decided the hell with it: I'm not that invested yet in my build; its a good time to start over (again).

    So I again completed a fresh install of 8. I suppose I should have just done this from the start, as ever since windows 7 I've found that installing a new OS is quite simple and not as time intensive as it was in the 'old days'. I.E, no need to spend hours loading drivers and crap like that. Windows 8 also makes it a little easier, since once I logged in using my Hotmail account all of my settings automatically ported back to my machine.

    Although I'm not interested in doing this on a weekly (or monthly basis), my threshold for a clean install should probably move lower than it has in the past. I mean, I think for SNAFUS, it is likely much faster and with much less frustration and tears to just start clean than spend hours searching for solutions, trying them out, and still get nowhere.

    But MS be warned: although I have been a strong supporter for years - your competitor continues to gain traction. I likely will not be as forgiving if silly quirks continue. (although no doubt that Apple is not immune to its own stupid problems).
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    win 7

    I read you post and found it very interesting seeing that As far as I am aware M/S disabled the playing of DVDs in windows 8
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    Windows 8

    After a fresh reinstall, my BD drive has disappeared again. Is this a driver issue with the MB? I am using a ASRock Extreme 6.

    It seems like many people are having strange hardware issues.

    Honestly, although I like certain aspects of 8, I think I might be going back to 7, as I simply don't have time for nonsense.

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    Windows 8


    After a multitude of bizarre BSOD and other buggy phenomenon, I am going back to 7.

    I will be getting my $40 back from MS. I don't care what it takes, even as far as a class action. I have never seen such a poor product. I mean for a consumer release, the bugs are just simply unforgivable.

    I was ripped off just shy of $200 for Vista. But not this time. I'm getting a refund.
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Code 19: DVD, BD, virtual drives all nonfunctional
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