I installed win 8 on a two years old ExoPC tablet that came with win 7. I don`t recall the brand at the moment but i know it`s a name brand and was working with win 7. Now i have only win 8 installed on the tablet. Sometimes after booting and checking in explorer the card doesn`t show up. If i just eject it and put it back it still doesn`t show up. If i shut down and re-start then it shows up. I had no problem when i was using win 7.Sometimes it shows up OK and other times it doesn`t. I noticed also that a few times when it`s not shown in explorer , that if i check the safely eject icon it`s listed there. I don`t understand why it`s listed sometimes and at other times it`s not. I admit that i have not tried with another card but i would like to avoid buying another one. Is there a problem with the driver in win 8? Does anybody have the same issue?