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Windows 8 on Series 7 Slate - Touch Issues

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    Windows 8 on Series 7 Slate - Touch Issues


    I upgraded just yesterday to Windows 8 from Windows 7 (I'm still banging my head against a wall for doing so...). Windows 7 seemed to run flawlessly on my Series 7 Slate, and I figured with the design of Windows 8 it couldn't really hurt.

    I'm having major issues, specifically with what I think is all being caused by pen input. I use my tablet for a lot of writing, using OneNote. However, it appears to me that my pen is not being recognized as such, but rather just a mouse. For example, in the "Tablet PC" Control Panel tab, when I click "Setup" and try to use pen input it doesn't work, but if I select touch input then it does. I tried installing the pen driver manually with no success. How can I get this working? I'd really like to give Windows 8 a full try, but this is getting very frustrating.

    Thank you in advance.

    EDIT: Solved! I stumbled across this page in my search: SAMSUNG PC Windows 8 Upgrade

    It contains only basic information, but the software upgrade tool was what I needed. I could see that the Wacom digitizer driver was in fact installed but not functioning properly, so I uninstalled the necessary software via the Control Panel and reinstalled using the upgrade tool. All seems well now.
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    Also note that the BIOS is now at firmware 12, so upgrading to the latest BIOS for Win8 is also recommended.
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    Hello there!

    This is a .pdf file from Samsung that explains how to get Windows 8 (Consumer Preview) running with the Series 7. I bet the most relevant part of it is this:

    -Update system firmware 
    -Configure system firmware for UEFI Boot 
    -Install Windows 8 Customer Preview (Windows 8, but I would imagine UEFI Boot is already enabled on yours)
    -Install updates/drivers from Windows Update 
    -Install intel Chipset Drivers from 
    -Install intel HECI(ME) Driver from 
    -Install updated STMicro rotation sensor driver from 
    -Download and run Touch firmware configuration update to
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Windows 8 on Series 7 Slate - Touch Issues
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