Ok so i have 3 Internal hdd's under win 8 pro.
C: 128gb ssd. (win8)
D: 1tb (tv shows)
F: 2tb (movies)

the 4th hdd was in a hotswop bay built into the pc case (sata, so still kinda internal), this was E: My Documents 500gb.

This is how the problem began. I had a 5th hdd connected (G:drive) via a hdd sata dock (usb3.0, not that i even have support for usb 3.0 at the moment). Inside the dock was a 250gb drive containing some more backup stuff.

Anyway i pulled the 250gb hdd out of the usb3.0 dock (the backup G:drive) and inserted a 1tb hdd (supposed to be a backup of D:drive tv shows).
My Computer was still showing the previous drive (G:250gb backup, despite now there was a different hdd inside the dock connected and powered on).
I was even able to navigate folder structure, i was curious and tried to open a file, this of course decided that something had gone wrong with my hdd and wanted to do a repair.

I thought better of it, so i pulled hdd out, turned off dock and then hdd back in dock and powered on again.

To no avail, STILL thinks its the other old hdd. Now Windows 8 comes up with notification centre saying it wants to restart pc to fix the hdd.
I am very cautious, this hdd has backup info on it, so if it does weird stuff i can live with it as i have a copy elsewher, so i say ok win 8 lets do a restart.

Pc restarts, and i see a repair disk thing happening before getting fully into windows.

I go to my computer anxious to see what win 8 has done, it STILL thinks its the old HHD Label is G:250gb Backup etc but its actually a 1tb hdd and label should read summin like 1tb Tv Shows (Backup).

But now the 'repair' has actually KILLED some files, about 300gb worth. Good effort Win 8!! It's not totally catastrophic I should be able to get them back or i'm sure i have them elsewhere...

SO now the fun really begins. I decide "ok... i'll try my other hotswop dock" (that's part of the main pc case), thinking it might just be usb3.0 weird stuff going on.
I pull out my PRECIOUS E: My Documents 500gb one, that has all the family photos etc on it. and reinsert the 1tb hdd (the backup tv shows one, the one i have been trying to get win 8 to recognise in the hotswop usb dock all this time).

My Computer is STILL not recognizing it, instead it thinks its that 250gb HDD again (not the E:500gb My Dcouments that was in this hotswop bay a few seconds ago.

I pull it out and reinsert my 500gb My Documents hdd, but nope, it starts to think its that pesky 250gb hdd again (despite doing a reboot)

I pull the 500gb My Documents out i na panic before it starts to read too much and do any damage (to which I don't have a proper backup as i'm trying to actually do the backing up now). Should i leave it in inside i know win 8 is going to try and tell me my 500gb My Documents is stuffed and needs 'repaired'

Windows 8 is trying to kill my precious data! Please help, what is going on!?!

How can i get Win 8 to behave normally when disconnecting usb hdd docks as well as the sata pc case hotswop bay?! How can i put My Documents 500gb back in (so i can at least get a full proper backup going on) without it thinking its a stuffed drive needing repaired?!

Looks like i am going to need recommendation for a recovery file program as well...