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HP Slate screen resolution issues

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    HP Slate screen resolution issues

    I used the Windows 8 Public Preview for a few months...not that exciting, but I was looking forward to downloading the full version of Windows 8 when it was released. So first thing yesterday morning, I downloaded and started the upgrade process. The download setup program said I met the requirements and there were like 9 issues to be resolved. However it didn't list them and I couldn't wouldn't tell me what they were. I figured they were issues with some of the programs that I had on there and could not run any longer, which was not a big deal. It turns out that the minimum resolution for running the Metro UI apps is 1024x768. Well I am 168 pixels short and can only run at 1024x600. I cannot seem to find a site to down a we driver. Any ideas or work arounds?

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    There is a utility that Samsung has released that downloads drivers that u need.
    Ill post the link shortly. It's the new tablet that they hv released. The software a works with windows 8 pro release.
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HP Slate screen resolution issues
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