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Disabled FN Keys?

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    Disabled FN Keys?

    After having my Asus K53E from Windows 7 to Windows 8, my FN Keys are suddenly not working, except for FN+F1~F2! (Sleep and internet respectively).

    I was wondering if someone can guide me how to fix this problem. I am using a mouse, and with my wrist resting on the bottom center of the laptop, I find it annoying that I accidentally presses the touchpad while I type. I hope i can disable it again. And also for the volume, I mainly use FN keys to adjust it without having the trouble to open the volume control.


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    A bit odd to me. My ASUS K43F was able to have all Fn keys work even before the driver is installed.

    Did you install already ATK driver?
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    You will need to install the ATK driver off the Asus website. For your touch pad, if you have the driver installed. Go into control panel and search for mouse and pointer settings. On the last tab of this window is a tick box to disable touch pad as soon as a mouse is plugged in.

    Sorry for brief reply I'm on my mobile. Any more questions just ask.


    I'm adding a picture to show how to change the mouse settings. this will only work one the driver is installed.
    i will also add the link to show you where to get the drivers, for you hot keys you will need the ATK driver, and for your touch panel the Elan touch panel driver. you can download both from this site (
    HTML Code:
    ) once you have installed and done a reboot follow the picture to change the settings to suit your needs.
    Click image for larger version
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    Thank you so much, Lucas89.
    You helped me fix the FN keys but also added an extra bonus with the ELAN.

    Thank you!


    Was having trouble but I figured out that I installed the earlier and not the latest Driver.
    FN Keys are working again~ Thanks!
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    Good help Lucas.
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    Thanks mate.
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    Yes on my Asus K55A laptop, which I did a clean install to Windows 8 Pro....after installing the latest ATK hotkey driver from ASUS support site, and the Elan Touchpad driver (got from a German site)....still running it through all the parameters....testing...but seems ok thus far...
    Still quite new to ASUS laptops....are their any favourite sites...forums that you'll go I want to follow very closely the ASUS driver support for Windows 8 Pro...

    btw....I tried a couple from the ASUS support site....both specific and generic...and the one shows most of the options within Mouse properties...where as the ASUS Elan Touchpad drivers...(on the Support site did not..)
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    Wondering if I can get some help with this.
    I installed Win 8 on my wife's laptop (Asus K53E). It was an upgrade from Win 7, not a clean install (first time in 20 years I haven't done a clean install but I'm busy..). In any case, it seemed to go without a hitch. I didn't see any mention of any driver issues before the upgrade in the Upgrade advisor. So now the Fn/9 key doesn't work and I don't have an Elan tab in my mouse settings, so obviously the correct driver is not installed.
    I looked on the Asus website and saw two drivers available. But then looking in the device manager I can't even see a trackpad listed. But it's working, so it must be there somewhere.
    Could someone tell me which is the correct driver, where to get it, and more importantly how to install it.
    Thanks so much.
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Disabled FN Keys?
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