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W8 on iPad- the biggest mystery

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    W8 on iPad- the biggest mystery

    Okay, I've researched this online for an hour, and have found old posts from February through April 2012 that iPad will NOT get windows 8 on it... Technically it's possible and impossible at the same time.

    I'm wondering if there is any NEW info on this, and if it will eventually be possible or if it already is.

    Can I completely format my iPad's hdd and install windows 8, or is it only VM?

    I've honestly never tried putting a different OS on iPad/iPhone, but I don't see why it's not possible...
    It seems people just want to waste time in doing it, so that's why it's "not possible"

    What I read was that apple has a different architecture and whatnot, something about ARM... and that's where these posts lost me. But they all had people say that it's BEEN done, but it's not public.

    So I'm thinking of starting a geru of trained monkeys to crack down on this and get it done, and public... I don't see why it would be illegal... I just need to know if I really need to waste time on it...

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    It's like getting Windows to run on macs, it takes a bit for it to work properly.

    The best alternative is using a remote connect app on the ipad to a PC running Windows 8, from what I've seen, it works the same as a Windows tablet, but requires a network connection.
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    I've looked at splash top... A lot of people say its good, some say it's not as great as it could be.

    it lacks a lot of features that a true install would have.
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W8 on iPad- the biggest mystery
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