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surface pre order pricing

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    Is the RT cheaper than an iPad? I thought they were about the same cost.

    And wasn't the $499 model supposed to come with a keyboard, looks to me like the keyboard costs extra.

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    Not if you compare all that comes with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Not if you compare all that comes with.
    Right, the extra ram and the intangibles. Of course, an Apple fan would say the extra value is in their product too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Is the RT cheaper than an iPad? I thought they were about the same cost
    RT 32GB $499
    RT 32GB $599 (with Keyboard Cover)
    iPad3 32GB $599

    RT 64GB $699 (with keyboard Cover)
    iPad3 $699

    Add Keyboard and Cover to iPad makes it even more expensive, plus it doesn't have office although there will be a version released but added cost. So overall RT is cheaper.
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    Surface RT pricing puts Microsoft's tablet head to head with iPad

    Hardware specs: advantage Microsoft

    Where Microsoft does have an advantage is in the Surface's hardware features: at least it does on paper, as the company is still not exactly dishing models out for people to find out hands-on.

    The Surface has a slightly larger display than the iPad - 10.6 inches versus 9.7 inches - and has a quad-core Nvidia Tegra processor under the bonnet, as opposed to the Apple slate's dual-core A5X chip. It also has 2GB of RAM, more than most tablets available on the market, including the new iPad with its 1GB configuration.

    Add in the fact that for the same price as a 64GB iPad, you get a full keyboard and multitouch-capable touchpad, and I'm struggling to see why anyone would choose the iPad, beyond for specific apps not on Windows 8's marketplace.

    But where Microsoft could stumble is the lack of 3G and 4G options, which the iPad can offer. The Apple device also has a wide-screen display resolution of 2,048x1536, compared to the Surface's 1,366x768 pixels.
    Surface RT iPad
    Display 10.6 inches Display 9.7 inches
    Quad-core processor Dual-core
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    Ok, so it's around $100 cheaper with the same amount of RAM. Of course, many have proven more than willing to pay that extra "apple tax" for the brand name.

    Overall, I consider them to be roughly the same price..even at $100 difference. It just comes down to needs and wants. And I don't want to spend over $400 on any tablet device...they just aren't worth it to me.

    And don't underestimate the status symbol nature of the iPad. There are many who will buy what they perceive to be more popular versus what's actually a better choice.
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    It looks like Microsoft has finally gotten a clue. They did their homework well. I love the keyboard cover, it reminds me of my Asus Transformer. Asus charges extra for the keyboard no matter which one you get. Looks like they have two different covers.
    Touch Cover is an amazingly thin and ultra-light dual keyboard cover, with a spill-resistant surface, it comes in several vibrant colors to express your personal style.
    Need to do more, faster? Try Type Cover, the dual keyboard cover that lets you work the way you’re used to working. With a full row of function keys, Type Cover marries the comfort and speed of a traditional keyboard with an incredibly thin form factor so you can be productive anywhere, anytime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raine369 View Post
    It looks like Microsoft has finally gotten a clue. They did their homework well. I love the keyboard cover, it reminds me of my Asus Transformer. Asus charges extra for the keyboard no matter which one you get.
    Well, the $499 Surface RT has no keyboard. For $100 more, you get the model with the keyboard. I don't really see how this is any different than Asus charging for their keyboard..which is right around $100 too.
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    I believe the iPhoria is nearing a dimming point. Compare spec to spec between the Surface RT and ipad 2 or 3, the choice is a logical one. It doesn't matter what is a status symbol or not, if one device does something SSSOOOOO much better than the other for the same price, anyone that isn't a brainwashed iSheep will go to that better device, and that is the Surface. I don't believe that people will fall for and pay for more just for a logo, just look at the PC market and the how saturated it is compared to the mac. Sure, the mac is pretty and all and from apple, but when reality sets in that you don't have a standard Office version everyone uses, you have to deal with adapters to work with every other device, and one Trojan virus can corrupt your system worse than the average malware on Windows, well the marketshare for the mac os speaks for itself. People will stand out in line for a new iphone every year, but most have the reason being that the iphone is better because of its apps, which is valid.

    What's funny is how apple people cling to specs. I've seen some desperate troll arguments that the new ipad's display is the ONLY thing that makes it better and far superior to the Surface. The display in the RT was built at a lower resolution than the ipad, but not terribly noticeable to the human eye. Microsoft claims it's better than.

    For 500 dollars, I'd buy a Surface RT. So far, it's the least expensive RT tablet I've seen that has been announced. So many are over that 500 dollar mark, it makes me question that OEMs are pricing them high to regain lost profits...
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    Just because this made me laugh, I share this to all.
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surface pre order pricing
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