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Windows 8 causing USB problems in Windows 7 (Dual-Boot)

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    Windows 7 Home Edition & Windows 8 Pro Evaluation copy (Build 8400)

    Windows 8 causing USB problems in Windows 7 (Dual-Boot)

    Hey there,
    So I have recently grabbed the latest copy of Windows 8 (Build 8400 Eval. Copy) and installed it within minutes.
    A few restarts later , and everything is working smooth.

    Note: I installed Windows 8 alongside Windows 7 Home edition on a different partition **But same HD**

    Suffering through programs that won't run correctly,
    I take a visit back to good old (if you can call it that) Windows 7.
    And what do you know, No USB port is functioning.
    Therefore, my wireless keyboard and mouse (Logitech mx 3200) aren't working :The reciever isnt lighting up:
    My printer nor external hard drive aren't showing up in the "removable device section".
    Meaning i can't see that green icon on my task-bar showing up displaying that they're connected.

    ( In the end, im stuck at the desktop with my mouse centered without movement)

    Now the weird part,
    The ports are addressing power to the components, but no useful information is being passed on.
    What i've tried is...

    1) Trying to unplug the receiver and back. - no use
    2) Trying a different keyboard and mouse (USB) - not recognizing
    3) Uninstalling the driver (for the reciever) in Windows 8 -
    no progress (error message on memory access pops-up after tapping my computer's physical power button)
    4) I've tried different USB plugs - Even though i have 10 of them, none of them are functional

    One important fact : The wireless keyboard works during boot.

    If anyone has seen a fixture to this that i'm not seeing here, a million thanks will be donated by my behalf.
    Windows 7 is un-usable for now. Thank you for your time

    Specs are in attachments
    Windows 8 causing USB problems in Windows 7 (Dual-Boot) Attached Files

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Windows 8 causing USB problems in Windows 7 (Dual-Boot)
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