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hmm.. interesting position I find myself in.

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    I guess that's what I get for not liking the 'current ff mobile' which uses native android assets in it's UI, and using workarounds to use the old version. But man, I feel like I was so close, and had it all snatched away from me at the last second.

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    Update: Usually even when you type in and try clicking on a different page it automatically loads the non-mobile version unless it senses that you're on a mobile device. I can get NeoGaf's forums to show the mobile version consistently when I use the about:config page of fennec to manually change the browser user agent to spoof an android by creating the string 'general.useragent.override'.

    However I then need to manually change it back when I want to view YouTube videos, for example, as old FF Mobile didn't support flash very well. This was the reason I had been using 'UAControl', which made the user agent spoof only affect individual sites which you could set, rather than every site universally. I wonder if there is a way to make the user agent affect only individual sites in the about:config page?

    Then again, this won't really be a problem. On Win7 (and Win8 on the MS Surface Tablet) I will still have the Windows Taskbar visible, so I could quickly flip over into regular firefox, which runs independently of fennec, to watch a YT video, whilst still having the touchscreen goodness of old mobile firefox in fennec. Good times. Now I just have to save my money for what is likely to be an extortionate price on teh MS Surface Pro.
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    A Fennec Add-on called Phoney works (only when I download it from the built-in addon tab, finding it myself via google must have taken to elsewhere in the FF addons site). It adds a quick list of user agents to the preferences page, which is quickly available in FF mobile/Fennec by dragging the right side inwards and clicking on the cogs. This allows me to quickly switch my user agent from default, desktop firefox, android phone, android tablet, iphone, ipad, ms ie, lynx on the fly. This is much better than having to do it manually in about:config, at least. With this I can browse to, and keep looking at pages whilst keeping the mobile version working rather than it defaulting back to the desktop version.

    YouTube still doesn't work though, even under desktop firefox user agent, because it wants me to download adobe flash and that won't work properly (I did say that old ff mobile on android and fennec had issues with flash, which is why they moved to the current UI which uses the native android assets.) I have gotten Stylish to install onto fennec, and have download 'NeoGAF - YouTube Me! 3.1' script from, which usually works for my android phone but doesn't seem to work for YT.

    So I'm almost there now, but even if I can't get past this last hurdle I assume that since I will still be able to see the windows taskbar at the bottom of the fennec program on on the MS Surface Pro, I will be able to quickly switch over into the regular FireFox and load up there.
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    Quick note on what "YT Me Again" does. On android phones when someone embeds a YT link in a forum post, it tends to just be a grey box which says 'a plugin is needed to display this content.' - well "YTMeAgain" adds a link underneath to the YT page, with the video title as the link's text. On my android phone YT pages actually work (just not when the video is embedded), but in fennec I can't seem to get the YT videos to work at all, even when I am trying to load the YT video page itself. Oh well.
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hmm.. interesting position I find myself in.
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