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Roundup: Apps for Customizing Win8

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    Roundup: Apps for Customizing Win8

    Here is a list of apps that will help tweak Win8 to a more personal likable level

    These are apps that are known to work and do not require hacking of system files, only registry.
    If you wish to add to this list, please do, but please make sure they do not hack system files, for stability reasons.
    Unless they are very well known not to cause problems. Thank you for you cooperation.

    My wish for this thread is to make it easier to locate quality apps to make decent changes to Win8.

    Top of my list and fully endorsed by me, for what it is worth....

    1.} WinAero: Close Threshold for Metro Apps
    Close Threshold for Metro Apps is a must-have tool for all Windows 8 users. It allows you to improve ways of Metro apps closing. You will able to do much smaller mouse movements/touch "swipes" to close any app.

    I have mine set to 350

    2.} WinAero: Downloads / Software / Tiny Windows Borders
    Tiny Windows Borders allows you to change szie of huge windows borders in Windows 8 RTM.

    3.} Welcome to Classic Shell
    Classic Shell is a collection of features that were available in older versions of Windows but were later removed. It has a customizable Start menu and Start button for Windows 7 and Windows 8, it adds a toolbar for Windows Explorer and supports a variety of smaller features.

    I personally do not use the Explorer add on. There is no need for it as you have access to customize the
    "Quick Access Toolbar"

    I had revisited this a while back based on the post below. There is some merit to it. It can be customized pretty nicely. I think it needs some tweaking to be able to move it a round a bit better. But it does have some nice features.

    4.} Power - Add Cascading Desktop Context Menu in Windows 8
    This will show you how to add or remove a cascading (expandable) Power menu to the desktop context menu for all users to quickly Lock, Switch user, Sign out (log off), Sleep, Hibernate, Hybrid Shut down, Full Shut down, or Restart in Windows 8.

    Secondary on my list,

    1.} Personalize - Add or Remove Expanding Desktop Context Menu
    This tutorial will show you how to add or remove a custom Personalize expanding desktop context menu for all users in Windows 8 and Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise.

    2.} Clear Clipboard - Add to Context Menu in Windows
    The clipboard is a temporary storage area used by Vista and Windows 7. Information (such as text, files, graphics, sound, or video) can be copied to the clipboard from one program or location and pasted elsewhere. The clipboard can only hold one piece of information at a time. Whenever something is copied to the clipboard, it replaces whatever was there before automatically.

    If you have a habit of copy pasting Passwords and user names, etc. You can clear them easily with this.

    Apps that do integrate with Windows...

    1.} Download IconViewer
    I put this here as I have tested this pretty well. It is an Icon Viewer for DLL's and EXE's
    It only allows you to view, save, copy the icons. You access it by right clicking and select Properties of the file you want to see the icons for. If there are no icons in the file, the Icons Tab will not be visible.

    Lower on my personal list...

    1.} Rainmeter, desktop customization tool
    This tool is great for a lot of things, but there is a lot of garbage out there that can make a desktop look trashy.
    I may start a new thread based only on quality (being a relative word) Rainmeter Skins.
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    Btw note that Classic Shell allows custom items too to the Explorer toolbar. I have added items for opening any program or even document as admin, my favorite search utility, 1-click Share-Unshare buttons, Pin to Taskbar etc. Plus the icon sizes are not restricted to 16x16 unlike the Quick Access Toolbar. You can also create a button for any folder with dropdown menu showing its contents.
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    To customize the start screen and other things....

    Decor8 - Personalize the Windows® 8 Start screen with Decor8™!
    This gives the ability to change the color scheme as well,, the one below does not.
    Decor8 is my preference


    Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer v1.3 beta by ~vhanla on deviantART
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    Also, if you are interested in using RainMeter,, you can check out this Layout I created...

    LucidDock by ~LucidDiminution on deviantART
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    Still checking out this little tool, but I like it....

    For the official Thread.... and the latest version...

    Windows 8 Start Menu Modifier - Neowin Forums - Page 3

    Well, actually, this was a neat concept, and some might like it.
    I found it a bit more annoying in the end. Uninstalled
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    Has been updated to Version 7
    LucidDock by ~LucidDiminution on deviantART

    9/30/2013 - Updated File
    I accidentally deleted the God Settings Icon from the Resources folder
    Sorry about that.

    If you want to add that back without downloading again
    create a New Folder and name it God.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
    put this under "C:/Users/YOURPROFILE/Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/LucidDock/@Resources"
    That's it.
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    Windows 8 Manager is a swiss army knife for tweaking many Windows 8 functions. It is not free but you can try it for a while to decide. Optimize, tweak, clean, speed up and repair Windows 8 - Windows 8 Manager
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Roundup: Apps for Customizing Win8
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