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no window shadows - pro or con?

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    I don't even really notice it a whole bunch. In 7, it's dreadfully obvious. In 8, meh. I don't swing either way. I just like me my white windows and colored Taskbar. Looks VERY clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I don't even really notice it a whole bunch. In 7, it's dreadfully obvious. In 8, meh. I don't swing either way. I just like me my white windows and colored Taskbar. Looks VERY clean.
    Then why is the shadow-option still available if the result is pointless? Just asking, as you said, I also didn't used it in a long while, I've noticed it today to try to give an answer on this thread, but I'm a bit puzzled by the result.
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    I guess the (ms) just forgot to remove the option in the menu? that would fit in the seemingly "rushed" gui design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopachi View Post

    But the "shadow" is only 1 pixel thick!!! (bug?) And you're right: it's like not even available.
    They should decide to completely remove it or to fix it if it's for keeps.

    I'm running the x64 RTM in VMware Player 5 with the Win8 additions installed (graphics enabled also) but as I said, I notice only a very thin almost noticeable shadow. Is this a fact or just a glitch in the VM?

    Hello Hopachi,

    Yeah, it's barely noticable for me. You really almost have to have a white background with white window borders to even really notice the tiny thing. It's not like it was in Windows 7 at all.
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    I generally turned a lot of these things off in Win 7/WS 2k8 R2 anyway, so I really didn't notice too much. Personally, I like it, but I have always preferred very minimalist desktops, the only exception being KDE Plasma.
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no window shadows - pro or con?
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